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WoW Classic Level Carry

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On average, most players will take around 12 days /played to hit level 60, so this guide is focused on things you can do. Play more effectively and minimize some of your unnecessary downtimes. Leveling in Classic WoW is more of a journey and less of a sprint to max level.

Questing in Classic WoW is very non-linear, so always be aware of what quests you have and plan out an optimal path to complete them in. Quest text can be a bit vague sometimes, so asking a friend for advice is a good thing.

Typically, it is wise to complete every quest in your quest log before going back to town to turn them in because travel time is such a large time-sink while leveling.

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Gearing and itemizing properly will definitely increase your leveling speed quite a bit, but I wouldn’t recommend going too far out of your way to get a piece of gear, like farming Deadmines 7 times for an Emberstone Staff, for example.

Will the reduction in leveling time from having the staff make up for the several hours you spent farming Deadmines? Very unlikely. That being said, for melee DPS, making sure you have a good weapon is crucial, so be on the lookout for quests weapons or BoE’s that you can pick up. Another thing that may come as a surprise to some people is the value of Spirit for every class and every spec.

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Not only does Spirit increase out of combat mana regeneration, but it also increases out of combat health regeneration as well. Minimizing downtime and using travel time to regenerate rather than taking time to drink/eat will increase your efficiency a ton, so don’t shy away from items with Spirit on them.

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