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General Information

Do you want to be top-level and get access to all the high tier loot but don’t have the time to put into the game? We’ll take it from here, our OSRS boost services made it possible.

Old School RuneScape, released in 2013, is a re-uploaded build published in 2007. One of the oldest and most well renowned multiplayer online role-playing games of this era.

This, like many MMORPGs, requires a great deal of time and effort that a lot of us may not have.

There’s so much to love about this game but there are a few things that can cause a strain on one’s relationship with it, too. Reaching the higher levels in certain skills can require a tremendous amount of grinding that can wear the player down over time. Even if you reach a higher level, entering PvP and PvE zones can be a death sentence thanks to other players with much higher level gear and some enemies that can be absolute damage sponges.

Are you tired of the grind and putting in the hours to see such a small increase in the level? Have you stepped away from the game for a while and found yourself left behind? Have you never really played the game before but it’s something you always wanted to get into but don’t want to fight all the way up to the level of those who have been playing for years?

That’s where we come in with an Old School RuneScape Boost.


What exactly is an OSRS boosting service?

In its simplest terms, it’s faster and easier to progress for you. Moreover, we help mold your character into exactly what you want to see every time you log in.

The booster will help you either by, playing the game alongside you and helping you with the challenges and quests or, should you not have the time, they are able to account share and complete whatever challenge or quest you want in your stead.

You may be wondering why you should buy an OSRS boost. It is a chance for you to experience whatever aspect of the game you desire with minimal effort. We can get you to a place where you are powerful enough to journey throughout the world with ease. And enjoy everything that the game has to offer and it’s only a few clicks away. Not too bad for such a cheap OSRS boost service, right?


Account Sharing Boost

This is a service where the booster logs into your account and does all the time-consuming work for you. The question that flows through the purchasers head most often is “Is this safe?”

We’re here to tell you, yes, absolutely. It may be a risk you run with other services from other sites but here at BoostRoom, we take a great deal of pride in the efficiency and legitimacy of our service. In addition, we offer complete operational transparency to ensure you feel your account is in the safest hands at all times.

The OSRS Boost service that we offer is a custom, tailored experience that ensures there is no implication of you ever even having used it.

You place the order, we discuss the sensitive details but the conversation and all subsequent information discussed therein stays entirely between yourself and the booster. No one else can have access.

What if we’re boosting in your account and someone messages you? That’s fine. We can respond in whatever way you see fit from engaging in conversation to staying silent or anything in between.


Play Along Boosting

If after our personal guarantee, you still don’t feel comfortable sharing information? That’s absolutely fine. We have an alternative option ready for you.

This version of our service is much more personal and gives you the chance to team up with the booster. Also, maybe you would like to get that armor you’ve always wanted? Maybe you want to traverse the Wilderness and fight demons? Also, maybe you want to take on a legendary boss? Finally, our team is ready to take you on the adventure and show you how the professionals do it.


Is it worth it?

Yes, and we have thousands of customers who agree. Customer satisfaction is one of our greatest pride. We have a multitude of excellent reviews thanks to our professional OSRS Boost service and outstanding cost to benefit ratio.

Here at BoostRoom, cheap doesn’t mean low grade. Our fast delivery times and exceptional quality work boasts a caliber that we can all be proud of. You deserve to get what you pay for and we ensure that you do.

However, can it get any better? Yes, we have sales on nearly a weekly basis; ensuring that you get the best, for the least. And if you are a return customer then that’s even better, we offer premium services for long time loyalty. We want you to know we value you.


The Process

If you are still worried and unsure, let us go one further and tell you more about our customer service.

You are our client and we take that relationship very seriously. We are here every step of the way, offering 24/7 support on our website. There is no guesswork. No assumptions or leaps of faith needed as our customer transparency is the key to making sure you feel you or your account is safe in our care.

Moreover, our cheap prices and legitimacy is what keeps us in the game. Your trust is important to us so we will walk you through everything step by step and keep you in the loop at all times.

We are professionals in the boosting business and whatever OSRS Boost service you have chosen, from Play-Along to Account Sharing, we want you to know we are always there, whenever you need us, whatever questions you have or assurances you need.

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