LoL Placement Boosting

How does LoL Placement Matches Boosting Work?

LoL Placement Boosting works in a simple way. Firstly, there are 2 options our customers can choose from. First option would be account sharing (Solo Queue), and the second option is Self Play (Duo Queue). Depending on what the customer is after, whether he’s after getting the full first-hand boosting experience and choosing Duo Queue, or whether he’s after Solo Queue where he’d let our booster conduct the service without having to move a finger, the price would vary, however, the outcome would still be the same — we would get the job done with close to, if not a perfect win-loss ratio! The price would vary depending on what our customers’ previous season rank was.

We guarantee at least 70% Win-Rate for ranks below Diamond (Diamond excluded) for Solo Queue, and below Platinum for Duo Queue. Secondly, after you place the order, the booster would either invite you, or log into your account. That depends on whether you decide to go for Solo or Duo Queue. If you’d like to learn more about LoL Placement Boosting, make sure to read the entirety of the text below.

Who will be playing my account / Who will I be playing with? 

Your account, if you choose Solo Queue, will be played by only the highest ranked and top-tier players. Moreover, all of our players are thoroughly verified and confirmed through a tedious testing process. Grandmasters, Masters & Challengers are the only players that boast our ranks! In addition, we have world-known professional players that have attended numerous tournaments and have achieved great results. Additionally, if you’d go for the Duo Queue option, the exact same players would be playing WITH you. All there’s left is for you to place an order, and let us do our magic. Buy LoL Placement Boosting and get a head start over the competition. Contact BoostRoom today!

Why should I use BoostRoom?

There are countless reasons as to why you should go with BoostRoom’s LoL Placement Boosting! Firstly, we are open for business 24/7! We are a year-round online company that puts great effort into making all of our customers’ dreams come true at any point in time! Whether you contact us at 3 PM or 3 AM, the result will be the same – perfection! Moreover, the sheer fact that we have been around for a decade helps. Thousands and thousands of happy customers and returning customers. What’s stopping you from being one of them? You are one mouse click away from reaching the division of your choosing! Hit us up, buy LoL Placement Boosting & start progressing!

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