LoL Boost Service

What is the League of Legends?

League of Legends is a MOBA game that’s been around for quite some time now. And for a good reason. League of Legends is the king of the MOBA genre. Millions of players compete on a daily basis striving to become the best. There is just one catch. League of Legends is a team-based game. What does that mean? That means you cannot prosper and advance without having to rely on your teammates. While this is something that many players love, there are those who despise having to rely on and lose a game over a toxic and less-skilled teammate. If you are tired of being drawn back to lower elo because of such players, you have come to the right place. We’ve got two words for you: LoL Boost.

Don’t let yourself fall victim to not only your opponents but your teammates as well and buy our LoL Boosting services. We will assist you on your way to becoming the best LoL player you can be.

What is Boosting in LOL?

What is LoL Boosting? Well, Boosting in LoL represents a series of actions performed by a LoL Booster needed to help someone win a game in League of Legends.

And what is a LoL Booster, you may ask. A LoL Booster is a professional League of Legends player that has invested and dedicated his career to learning and mastering every single aspect of the game.

Accordingly, we have put together a list of the services that we think you might find interesting.

Our League of Legends Boosting section covers everything you will ever need to conquer the game.

Ranging all the way from regular LoL Division Boost and Elo LoL Boost to the Coaching LoL Services and much more.

If you’re aiming to get LoL Boosted, you contacted the right people for the job. Ensure yourself the highest quality treatment and service around in just a few clicks of a mouse.

Buy our LoL Boosting service and do yourself some good once in a while.  Keep on reading to check out our best-selling services for a boost in LoL.

The best LoL Boost service is just around the corner.

The list of the best League of Legends Services our shop has to offer

To summarize and make it easy for you to find exactly what you need, the list of LoL Boosting services is here, down below.

All the help you’ll ever need in one place.

A more depicting explanation of each service is also included right below each one.

So if you find League of Legends Boost interesting, you can read the section where we explain what each LoL Boost Service does in detail.

Prices and a rough cost estimate for each service can be found below the description of the service. Prices are in USD for easier comprehension on how expensive or cheap service is (side note — you can change the currency from USD to EUR, GBP, or AUD in the top right corner of the site).

If you found something that you did not fully understand please, by all means, reach out to us on our customer support live chat.

We are available 24/7 for any kind of assistance you may need.  Our team of professional support agents will gladly clarify any kind of uncertainty you end up facing.

Division (Elo) Boosting in League of Legends

The most sought after service the League of Legends Boosting section has to offer is LoL Division Boost, commonly known as Elo Boost.

Are you stuck in a certain division, surrounded by trolls and people who don’t seem to understand what the game is all about?

Worry no more, we have prepared a solution no matter who you’re matched up against or how bad it looked.

A LoL boost service that will relieve you of your suffering. This kind of a League of Legends boosting service allows one to climb divisions with extreme ease and proficiency.

Regardless of whether you’re in Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, or anywhere else below, above, or in between, our Elo LoL also known as Division Boosting service will set the seal on any LoL Elo (Division) you set your eyes on.

Stop wasting your time on random people who you can’t rely on. Instead, starting relying on people that are actually reliable and professional players and will help you achieve your dream division. There is no challenge we cannot beat.

Highest divisions are just outside your reach, contact us, shorten the distance even further by buying our LoL Division Boosting Service (Elo Boosting Service).

Prices for such services vary from 10 USD to 100 USD depending on which division you’re currently in and what your desired division is.

Getting Coached in League of Legends

League of Legends is a rather complex game, that becomes even more complex once you get into the depth of a certain problem.

Problem being either positioning, item builds, priorities, warding, game awareness, or any kind of macro or micro management for that matter, can certainly pose a great threat if you’re looking to advance and improve in the game further.

Every single time you come across such an obstacle, you open up google and start looking for the right answer.

What happens then? You find yourself in a vortex of confusing solutions that are conflicting in almost every sense.

Basic information becomes something that you start finding not so basic any more. Please, stop wasting your precious hours trying to learn the game over terribly-written internet guides.

Instead, reach out to the people that will give you proper guidance. A guidance so comprehensive and articulate that you will find yourself progressing at a speed of light.

BoostRoom’s professional LoL Players have specialized in teaching and passing their knowledge to others at maximum efficiency.

If you’re really eager to learn the game and clear the competition, you couldn’t have chosen a better place.

Buy our League of Legends Coaching service and get yourself a tutor that actually understands how the game works.

One, two, or five hours, no matter how many you end up buying, every single minute of those hours will

be worth your time.

Prices of getting coached in ranked games or in any other aspect vary from 20 USD to 50 USD per hour depending on what coaching type you decide to purchase.

Win Boost Service in League of Legends

In case you don’t need to get a full division boost and you’re missing just a win or two in order to advance to the next division, we’ve got something in store for you.

We can provide you with any amount of wins you’d like.

We’re offering two types of LoL Win Boosting.

Firstly, there are regular wins. Simply put, regular LoL win boosting is a service that will get you any desired amount of wins.

However, in this option, there could be a situation where due to lack of good fortune you end up losing. Loses do not deteriorate the number of wins already completed.

On the other hand, there is a service called LoL Net Win Boosting. This type of win boosting service in LoL allows one to always stay in a positive score while obtaining any chosen number of wins.

A quick example would be something as follows.

You end up buying 2 Net wins, that means that if you end up losing the first game, the booster will then help you get 3 wins in a row in order to get those 2 Net wins (Number of Net Wins equals to the won number of the number of lost games, plus one).

Net Wins LoL Boosting service guarantees that you will stay in a positive win-loss ratio at all times.

If you’re struggling with leaving low divisions and finally saying goodbye to elo hell, this is a perfect service for you.

Prices if you decide to purchase Win Boosting Service would vary from 3 USD to 15 USD depending on your division for Net Wins and 1.5 USD to 97 USD depending on your division for Regular Wins.

League of Legends Account Level Boosting Service

We’ll bet you anything that everyone, at one point in their LoL gaming career, has wished for a fresh start due to either bad stats, bad choices, or just for the sake of starting all over again.

However, it is not that easy to get a fresh start.

Getting a fresh start takes a lot of work. What kind of work?

Well, in order to gain ranked game eligibility, one needs to reach certain criteria. One of which is account level 30. Now, getting up to level 30 is not as easy as you may think.

It can take weeks of tedious and tiresome grinding to reach level 30. Weeks that not many do not have.

If you don’t feel like spamming normal games and teaming up with bots, buy our LoL Account Leveling Boost service.

By purchasing such a LoL Boost, you will end up saving an enormous amount of time that you would otherwise have spent playing nonsensical normal games.

Hitting level 30 has never been this easy.

Liberate yourself from having to grind and let us do the wearisome work for you.

Champion Mastery Boosting Service in LoL

Show the world that you’re a beast at a certain champion.

If you’re wondering how you’re going to do that, we’ve got an answer.

Champion Mastery LoL Boost service.

Regardless of whether you choose Zed, Anivia, Teemo, Jhin, Ekko, or any other champion, any desired Champion Mastery Level will be there within a matter of days.

Get in touch with us, pick a champion, tell us your desired champion mastery level, and leave the rest to us.

The prestige that one gets by acquiring champion mastery level 7 is incomparable.

Join the prestigious champion mastery level 7 club by buying LoL Champion Mastery Boosting service.

Also, in addition, all the Champion Mastery grinding that we do will be done via high-quality high win-rate games.

Because that’s what winners do. Contact us, and we’ll make sure you become one too.

Prices for Champion Mastery Boosting Service would vary from 10 USD to 100 USD depending on the current and desired level you’re looking to purchase.

Completion of Placement Matches Boosting Service

With each new season, LoL players need to play 10 games that will, upon completion, determine your starting division in that season.

Things right here can get rather messy.

An unfortunate turn of events can cause even the above-average skilled players to lose games that they should not lose.

This would then place that person in a division that they out-skill by a thousand miles.

To avoid such inconvenience, we have come up with a service.

That service is LoL Placement Matches Boosting.

What our League of Legends Placement Boosting does is ensures that you get either all games won, or a high percentage of games won.

Our professional LoL boosters have had close to 100% placement matches win rate efficiency.

Stop wasting your time climbing the divisions you weren’t supposed to climb in the first place.

Buy our placement matches boosting in LoL and reach your desired starting division with ease.

Quick side-note: Placement matches boosting does not apply to promo games from one division to another.

Prices for Placement Matches will change based on your previous season ranked progress (reason being is that this aspect will dictate on who the booster will be matched up against) . Prices would be anywhere from 30 USD to 90 USD.

Boosting in Normal Games (Non-Ranked) in LoL

If you’re tired of tryhards and people that take the game too seriously and just want to relax and chill for a bit in a normal game, we’ve got a thing just for you.

We offer normal games boosting as well.

But why would I need any help in normal games?

Normal games are full of trolls and people that are there just to test out champions.

They do not care about winning the game, moreover, we would say that they’re there just to ruin it for other people.

If you would like to avoid such people, the easiest way is to contact just us.

We will provide you with our best LoL Boosters and help you get some quality normal games in.

If you’re looking to farm normal games and get your stats a bit higher on some of the champions, or if you’re one of the people that’s actually testing a certain champion and want to have a healthy environment to test it in, we will provide you with aforementioned players that will

do their best to give you a chance to test out any champion you’d like while helping you understand the best way of using the exact same champion.

Another reason why you should get normal games boosting in League of Legends is if you’d like to win games in order to progress faster and level your account up with ease.

Keep yourself away from all the toxicity and trolls by buying LoL Normal Games (Wins) Boosting from us.

Non-Ranked Games Boosting prices go at 2 USD to 4 USD per game.

BoostRoom’s Streaming Services / Private Broadcasts

Hang onto your seat, here comes the best part. All of the boosts in LoL that we mentioned have one thing in common. One word – streaming.

If you’re bored out of your mind and can’t wait for our LoL Booster to complete your order, we’ve got a solution for you.

Streaming whatever you have ordered is a commodity that not many are able to provide.

Here at BoostRoom, streaming boosting services is just a daily routine for us. If you lack trust in our booster’s ability to carry your account to the highest of divisions, we will make you believe.

Looking to learn a thing or two while waiting for the order to be complete?

Check the stream my service optional feature that is available

24/7 and will provide you with a live broadcast of your account being played by one of our top-tier LoL Boosters.

If you forget to click the additional option, do not worry, contact us on our live chat and just ask.

And if you’re wondering on which platforms your streaming service will happen, the quick answer is any platform you desire. Whether it’s discord, youtube, facebook, twitch, or any of the other streaming platforms, we’ve got you covered.

Buy BoostRoom’s League of Legends Boosting services and get the high-quality care that you deserve.

How does this work? How do I get a LoL Boost Going? Is there a procedure that I need to follow to get a LoL Boost?

All you need to do, after stepping into our website, is check out the store for whatever it is you may need.

After you find the desired product that you see is fit for helping you advance in LoL, you place the order.

Bear in mind, there are checkboxes and options that need filling in to maximize the comfort of the boost experience.

So carefully tick whatever it is you feel like is necessary for a good boost.

Moreover, you will be able to increase the quantity of the much-desired service at the bottom of the page, so do that too.

After you’ve chosen the wanted product, proceed onto the checkout page. Choose from one of the many payment options we provide and buy the LoL Boosting Service.

After you place an order, either contact us on live chat or wait for us to contact you to sort out the details of your boost.

This allows us to clarify if there are any uncertainties and/or fix and arrange specific things regarding the boost itself.

The next step is either sharing the login details with our LoL Booster or sharing your in-game name so he knows who to invite.

What comes then? Nothing, that’s it. You don’t even have to register.

That’s all you needed to do, leave the rest to us. After we complete your order, we’ll talk and see if there was anything that you did or did not like, and act accordingly.

And in addition to all of this, you can, at any point in time, reach out to our friendly customer support agents and ask any questions you feel like asking.

Choose us if you’re really striving towards becoming the best version of yourself.

Requirements for League of Legends Boosting Service

Some of the services that we offer bear a couple of requirements that need fulfilling in order to complete them.

One of which is, for example, LoL Division Boost. LoL Division Boost (Either Solo Queue or Duo Queue Boost) requires you to have ranked games unlocked on your account.

If you do not have them unlocked, there isn’t a possibility to start the game in the first place. Buying LoL Boost without meeting that requirement would then render that order invalid.

In addition, there are a few more common-sense requirements that need to be attained.

For example, you cannot buy a Platinum Division Boost if you’re currently sitting in the Silver Division. Other than that, there are no real requirements.

The only requirement that we would ask of you is to give us your trust, and we’ll make sure we justify you believing in us.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)  And Boosting Services Guidance

We’ve made a list of frequently asked questions to help you navigate around the website and gather information needed to buy a certain LoL Boost.

If anything intrigues you, make sure to carefully read any question you find interesting.

In case there’s something else that you find interesting but it’s not on the list, please make sure to contact us on our live chat.

Our friendly support agents will be more than happy to assist you with anything you find confusing.

What are the ways or methods that I can use to get boosted in LoL?

There are 2 methods that we can use to complete a LoL Boost order.

SoloQ LoL Boost and DuoQ LoL Boost methods.

These two methods are unique in their own respective ways. If you’re interested in buying either one, read on below to check out each option and benefits they provide.

Solo Queue LoL Boosting

Solo Queue LoL Boosting or otherwise known as Account Sharing League of Legends Boosting is a type of Boosting Method that requires our professional booster to enter inside of your account in order to complete your request.

If you end up buying Solo Queue Boosting in LoL ranked games, you should know a few things.

First off, what we think that everyone values the most when buying such a service is safety.

We provide 100% Account Safety guarantee.  On top of that, everything that we do on your account can be tracked 24/7.

If you don’t have time to climb on your own, then this is a perfect solution. If you didn’t feel like playing by yourself and have decided to let our booster do the work for you, you couldn’t have chosen better.

Go with our Solo Queue LoL boosting and you’ll see great results. Don’t miss out on the greatest ranked boosting experience and purchase our LoL Solo Queue League of Legends Boosting.

Duo Queue LoL Boosting

Duo Queue League of Legends Boost will allow you to play with one of our highly-skilled boosters in order to get you to where you need to be.

You’ve got plenty of time on your hands and you’re looking to get some quality games with quality boosters in?

You don’t feel like sharing your details with anyone and would rather play by yourself?

And are you the kind of person that actually enjoys playing the game instead of letting other people do the dirty work for you?

Then this is the option you want to go for.

Buy the DuoQ LoL boosting service and we’ll vouch for a great experience and significant improvement.

Side-note – some LoL boosting services, such as LoL account leveling boosting service we cannot be complete via the Duo Queue Boosting method.

I play on EUW Region, can I still get boosting service in LoL?

The best thing about shopping at BoostRoom is that we are worldwide. All of our services are 100% applicable to any region you play on.

It does not matter. Our LoL boosters come from all around the globe, and that is why we are the best.

Accessibility and availability at any time and in any place.

We’ve got professionals even in the less populated regions such as TR or RU, not just mainstream ones.

To top that off, every single LoL boost service is doable in both Duo Queue and Solo Queue (Self-Play and Account-Sharing) in every single region.

Streaming the games is also available on every available LoL region. Are you still not convinced? Buy our LoL boosts and relieve yourself from any doubt.

We guarantee that you won’t regret it.

Will I be able to communicate with my LoL booster?

The basic principle that we hold so dear is allowing our customers to be able to communicate with us at any point in time. Communication with our friendly LoL Boosters is no exception.

Buying LoL Boosting service will give you an opportunity to talk to the booster whilst the boost is ongoing. No matter how bad the situation in game looked, booster will go out of his way to help out. Any kind of question or attempt at communication, in general, is welcome.

As far as the ways of communication go, you can use any kind of voice communication tool to satisfy your needs.

If you don’t feel like using a built-in in-game voice chat, you can contact us in order to come to an agreement on which voice communication application you’d like to use.

We will then convey the information over to the booster.

We’d then ask you to give us your ID or a way to establish a connection on the voice application of your choosing.

As we’ve already stated and pointed out before, and we stand behind everything that we say, communication is the key needed to progress in a game like League of Legends.

Progress yourself by starting to communicate with us, tell us your problems, and we’ll give you a solution.

Does it matter which champion I play?

From the moment you decided to buy LoL Boost from us you have chosen a path of comfort.

Why is that? Because we value whatever it is that makes you feel comfortable while playing the game.

That means that picking any champion is a completely valid option.

From the moment you decided to buy LoL Boost from us you have chosen a path of comfort.

LoL Boosters that our team consists of have helped thousands of people reach their desired goal in LoL by playing any given champion.

They have taught themselves to go against the meta, they have taught themselves to carry the game although the situation they’re in does not look too promising.

They’ve learned to adapt and overcome any obstacle thrown at them.

That is why choosing a champion that makes you feel like playing the game is crucial to us.

Don’t leave your comfort zone and abandon the satisfaction the game gives you.

Choose us, and you will never have to.

Does it matter which lane I choose to play?

Just like we don’t let our clients play champions that they don’t feel like playing, we don’t let them play the lanes that they don’t feel like playing.

There is no point in playing a lane that you do not feel comfortable on.

And there is no point in playing a lane that will make you miserable while playing it.

Moreover, if you have a preference as to which lane you’re fine with playing, we will gladly take that into account.

All you need to do when placing the order is to inform us of anything you prefer or don’t prefer.

That way we’ll make sure that we adapt and give you the best possible treatment you can get.

Please, don’t hold back when asking questions. If you have anything that concerns you regarding the picks within the game, whether it’s champion, lane, runes, build, anything of that sort, feel free to ask at any time.

Asking such questions will certainly only make it for a better boosting experience.

For both you and the LoL Booster.

Does it matter if there’s a difference between the division that I’m in and the division the booster‘s in?

It usually would matter, however, not at BoostRoom. Why not? Because BoostRoom’s LoL Boosters have prepared numerous accounts on every single division there is.

That way, depending on your division, our booster in LoL would adapt and

log the account accordingly.

If you’re in the Bronze Division, our booster would log his Bronze account.

If you’re in Diamond, our booster would log Diamond account, and so forth.

We have taken extra steps to ensure that everything goes

as smoothly as possible.

This is the reason our service trumps any other service on the market.

We have thoroughly prepared throughout the years to overcome any kind of a problem that comes our way.

If you make up your mind and go for LoL Boosting Service here, rest assured that you will never have to worry about such trivial problems.

We are way ahead of them.

How skilled is the LoL Booster and what is his division?

All of our LoL Boosters go through a rigorous and exhausting testing procedure throughout the course of several orders.

Every single booster that bolsters our ranks is either a Challenger or a Grandmaster player capable of carrying anyone in any division.

Also, on the plus side, the majority of BoostRoom’s LoL Boosters have completed in world-renowned tournaments.

They’ve obtained great achievements throughout their career, and now,

they’re here to help.

We are aware that not every challenger deserves to call himself a challenger. That is why we dive deep and filter every single one of our boosters based on their performance.

You can rest assured that all of our professional boosters are the real Challengers.

If you end up buying our LoL Boosting Services, you will be too.

How long does it take for the boost to finish?

The duration of the LoL Order that you’ve placed depends on several factors.

LoL Boost Methods that we’ve previously mentioned are one of the main elements that dictate how long a Boost in League of Legends would last.

Duo Queue League of Legends Boosting usually lasts longer than Solo Queue Boost. Why is that?

The reason behind this is having to schedule a point in time that suits both parties equally well.

Considering that we are available 24/7 will help, but the booster wouldn’t be able to complete the order without the customer’s participation.

Another point that helps Solo Queue orders advance a lot quicker is the fact that there’s a possibility for 2 of our boosters to play at once.

That allows them to have a higher win rate and a more favorable environment for completing the order.

Another element that we need to take into consideration is the lack of good fortune.

Regardless of how good a booster is, there is always a chance that something somewhere could go wrong. There is a chance that you might end up getting a disconnect, there might be a chance that 2 or 3 of the teammates that you end up playing with end up getting a disconnect.

However, buying Duo Queue Boost Service does not deteriorate the quality of the service itself.

The only thing that is different, besides it being a duo instead of a solo game, is the delivery time.

Do I have to do the entire boost all at once if I end up buying Duo Queue Boost for LoL?

Just like everything else, we value our customer’s free time.

So the quick answer to the question is no.

As we are available 24/7, any time you can fit us in your schedule is perfectly fine.

Having to play several hours at once can get tiresome and get you to lose focus.

That could then result in bad gameplay and an overall not-so-good boosting experience.

Don’t stress yourself and push your limits for no reason. We are available at any time you are, let us adapt to you and not vice versa.

If you end up losing focus and cannot proceed, don’t be afraid to let us know, we will reschedule you for another time and book your next session in without issues.

What if I’m not satisfied with how my booster does his job?

If there’s ever a situation that you end up not liking the assigned booster, feel free to let us know.

After you reach out to us with the feedback on why you don’t like the booster, we’ll conduct an investigation and see if there’s a way to resolve the issue at hand.

If there is no way for it to work out, we will reassign you a new booster without any hesitation.

We are always open to dialogue and communication to sort out any kind of problem that might pose itself to us.

Any kind of positive feedback or constructive criticism toward any one of our boosters is much appreciated.

We do not condemn any customer for not liking the booster, moreover, we would like to know if there are any flaws with any one of our players so we can tackle the issue with more information.

To summarize, as we pointed out already, anything that puts you out of your comfort zone you need to report to us.

We are here to help and that is what we will do.

Can I ask my booster questions regarding the game while the LoL Boost is ongoing although I didn’t buy coaching?

Although you didn’t buy a service to get LoL Coaching, our boosters are always open for a couple of trivial questions.

Who is the best champion in League of Legends?

Who is the tankiest champion in League of Legends?

How much XP do I get per win in LoL?

Do you know a way I could boost my fps in League of Legends?

You’ll get an answer to such basic questions within a matter of seconds. Whereas if you ask the booster to explain in-depth on how to play a certain champion, he might not be able to do it at the time because he’s more focused on the task at hand, and that is giving you a boost in LoL that you have purchased and it is not coaching.

In conclusion, you can always ask the booster you’re assigned to any kind of question, it is just a matter of what kind of question you ask that will determine whether he’ll be able to reply and explain at that point in time or not.

In case he does not respond or you do not get the answer you were looking for, please contact us, and we’ll try to elaborate on whatever it is you needed.

What is a suitable website for LoL Boosting service?

In our honest opinion, a suitable website for LoL Boosting service would be a knowledgeable source of information regarding the game that you’re looking to get a boost in.

In this case, the League of Legends.

Knowing the material needed to be an adequate source of Boosting Services. Transparency and proper explanation to the customer of everything there is he needs to know.

Safety needs to be a top priority, all the way from the beginning until the end of the ordered LoL Boost.

And above all, a high quality boosting website needs to have players that are ready to devote their time and fully commit to the customer that has bought the Boost in LoL.

These qualities are a sign of an extraordinary website for the LoL Boosting Service.

Qualities that vouch for the best LoL Boosting experience possible.

Qualities that BoostRoom is well acquainted with.

Go with us, and become the witness of a perfectly conducted boost, first-hand experience.

I don’t see the boosting service that I was planning on buying on your League of Legends Boosting service list

If by any chance you end up not finding a service that you were looking for on our website, please contact us on live chat.

Our customer support agents are available every single day of the year, at any moment during the day.

They are well-experienced LoL players themselves and they will be able to provide you with anything you need.

Custom orders are just a part of a huge diapason of offers we provide.

If you don’t like what you see on our website and would like to alternate a detail in the service you’re looking to buy, you know where to find us.

Anything is doable, you just need to reach out to the right people.

Reach out to BoostRoom if you’re looking to ease your troubles.

Are there ever any discounts or coupon codes that you offer to your customers?

How expensive or cheap are the boosting services in LoL that you’re selling?

You’ve come to the best part.

Allow us to elaborate and explain what kind of deals and prices we’re offering here at BoostRoom.

BoostRoom’s League of Legends Boosting services undergo a sale almost on a weekly basis. On top of that, we’re offering discounts and coupon codes to our returning customers.

In addition, returning customers are not the only ones that are getting discounts and awesome prices.

Everyone that contacts BoostRoom is eligible for a discount. How’s that, you may be wondering.

Well, BoostRoom’s the place where seasonal discounts are a thing. That means that each season, there are discount codes that are applicable at the checkout, regardless of whether you’re a returning customer or not.

Discounts ranging anywhere between 7-30% off can be yours, all you need to do is give us your trust.

Looking for a cheap Elo Boost?

Looking for the best League of Legends Boosting Prices around? Why not both? Contacting us will get you that discount you were yearning for.

Cheap LoL Boost is one click of a mouse away from you. Make sure not to miss out on the League of Legends Sale that we’re offering by staying in touch with us throughout every season.

Can I become a LoL Booster myself?

The road to becoming a booster is full of numerous hindrances.

Every single booster that we have on our roster had to undergo a procedure of verification that showed whether he is capable of becoming a booster or not.

If you decide to walk the same path and become a professional booster, we will not go easy on you.

Regardless of whether you’re a challenger or a high diamond, you will have to undergo the same procedure and satisfy certain criteria.

In order to be a booster for a ranked game, not only do you have to be a

player capable of hard carrying the games, you have to be a booster that’s willing to go out of his way to help out a customer in need, by any means necessary.

This process here is exactly why we are the best there is. Each individual booster that’s ever boosted for us had to go through this thorough booster verification process.

Only after you’ve met the criteria we will register you and allow you to boost for us. Moreover, it does not end there.

Once you’re in, the quality of your service will be closely monitored based on reviews from both customers and our employees.

Long story short, if you think you’ve got what it takes to be on the other side of the coin, you have to be prepared to tackle the challenge at hand.

Is LoL Boosting Safe and Secure?

We cannot stress this enough.

Secure boosting is what we are all about.

We are a serious company that takes great pride in having one of the safest and most secure boosting services on the market, ever.

Our team of professional boosters in League of Legends are well-trained and down to earth players that will without a shred of doubt avoid any situation that might implicate that you’re being boosted in LoL.

Everything’s being closely monitored, from the start until the end of the boost.

Streaming services, using offline mode feature on customer’s accounts are also features that add up to the safety of your account.

We will never respond to any kind of a whisper or a private message from your account unless we’re instructed to do so.

Non-stop availability and access to all the information regarding the boost will also count toward the security and integrity of your account.

Everything we’ve mentioned tallies up for a perfectly safe and secure League of Legends Boosting service.

BoostRoom’s League of Legends Boosting Service

We’ve completed thousands and thousands of League of Legends Boosting orders over the course of several years.

We have conquered all the divisions and helped numerous players reach their LoL Dream. We have been out here for quite a while now.

We’ve spent that time accumulating all kinds of information and mastered to game to it’s fullest extent.

There is no division we cannot reach, and there is no customer that we cannot boost. There are no bad customers, only bad boosters.

This is a sentence that we go by and we follow religiously.

That is why we do not have a single bad booster among us.

We have gathered players that cannot be found anywhere else but here. Experience that for yourself.

Buy League of Legends Boost Service from the best. If you are still not convinced, you can refer to the reviews we’ve accumulated throughout all these years.

Any kind of an employee here BoostRoom, may it be Support Agent Worker or a Booster will be available to you any day of the year.

Gaming experience nowhere else to be found but BoostRoom is just outside your reach.

Contact us and start your journey to becoming the best LoL player you can be!

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