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Genshin Impact is a fun game. But sometimes leveling up can be a nuisance. We have all been stuck at some stage of the game. Many major features like new questlines, co-op, and new domains unlock only when you reach a certain rank. But the joy of overcoming it and advancing to the higher league is unmatchable. That is exactly why we are here. Genshin impact boosting helps you rank up and reach the next level. A little help from us, and you can finally achieve a higher rank.

We have all the solutions for you. Whether you want to increase your rank, improve your gameplay, or just skip farming to enjoy the game. Our Genshin impact services are there for you.


Why Genshin Impact Booster from BoostRoom?

We have been in this industry for more than seven years. We know what you want. From power leveling, coaching, supplying gears, to boosting we provide a wide range of services. Each of these Genshin impact boosting services has different characteristics. Our primary aim is to increase your rank in the game.


How does Genshin Impact Carry Out?

Genshin impact boosting services are of various types. Solo and Duo. Boostroom’s professional player will complete any tasks of yours, such as:

  • Leveling up
  • Finishing quest
  • Farming

In the Solo boosting service, you need to provide your account information. This is necessary so that the booster can play as your character. Whereas, in Duo, you can play alongside our booster.


Get Professional Genshin Impact Services

What makes BoostRoom different from other competitors? All our players have many years of experience. Also, some of them rank in the top 20 of the game Genshin impact. We take pride in completing the task and order in the specified time frame.


Instant Service

No one likes to wait. Our support channels are available 24×7. So, whether it is too late or too early, you can contact us and we will be there for you. We guarantee complete assistance in helping you reach your goal via our Genshin Impact boosting service.



Most of our customers are recurring. This is because we aim to fulfill all their requests. We rest only when things get done. Once we have a deal, our booster plays the game as per your desire.



The security of your account is our highest priority. We take care of your account like our own. We maintain a direct line of contact with you from purchase to completion. Also, our dedicated VPN keeps your information safe from prying eyes with end-to-end encryption.



We provide top-tier services at cheap Genshin impact boosting prices. We also believe in customer loyalty and give a discount to our recurring customers. Our mantra is to give premium services at cost-effective rates.


Secured Payments

We know the importance of privacy in today’s time. Hence, we use 256-bit SSL encryption, along with other methods, to keep your account details completely safe.


How Does It Work?

As soon as you process your payment, your order will be available to our Genshin impact boosters. We will assign our booster to your account and you can contact him via email, Skype, Live Chat, or Private Message.

Genshin impact boosting service usually starts an hour after your processed order, unless you request otherwise. If you request, we can initiate the service at a specific time.

All the boosters that we hire are professional players who do their best to meet the client’s request. After completing your request, we notify you via email (or/and Skype and PM).

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