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The FFXIV boost pro team

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Game Description

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (FFXIV) is Square Enix’s relaunched form of the 14th section of the Final Fantasy series. The players and the gamers enter the land of Hydaelyn to have an adventure in the regions of Eorzea.
In addition, you can change between five distinct classes. And 18 sub-specializations by arming different weapons/tools.

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The Yoshida game:

FFXIV also structures a new engine and enhanced server structures. It portrays restored gameplay, the border with a new story. The game got out to a largely optimistic response as the users admired the game. A lot.
Overall, its firm mechanics and development was applauded while also speaking well of Yoshida for turning the project around.

A realm reborn

The first key content patch is called “A Realm Reborn.” It was released on December 17, 2013, and introduced player housing, new quests, and the first 24-man raid, and Crystal Tower.
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Buying FFXIV (FF14) Power Leveling Guide at BoostRoom

Delivery Method

(Face-to-Face) The FFXIV boosting service will be transferred in the game we meet face-to-face; the trade process is firm and safe.

Fast Transfer

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Money-back Guarantee

We will provide a full repayment guarantee if the FFXIV boost is taking much longer than expected or you want to cancel the order before the start. By default, the refund age will be accomplished instantly. Hence. you can always count on us.

Flexible Payment Approaches

We accommodate all sorts of gamers from all over the world, so we have multiple payment methods available. Therefore, you can utilize Credit Cards (Visa and Mastercard), Skrill, Paysafecard, and many many more. More protected and suitable!

24/7 Client Support

We provide a safe and cheap FFXIV boost with 24/7 fast online service. Most importantly as we promised.

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