Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals

The seasons come and go–in Destiny 2 this is no less true. Season of Arrivals marks the eleventh season of the Destiny 2 franchise. The arrival of the Darkness to the Solar System is at the center of this universe. Guardians, the world needs saving once again. The vanquished Almighty lurks in the sky ahead. This celebration is only short-lived as Pyramid ships reveal themselves. It is your destiny to recover the universe. Eris and Zaval call upon you to uncover the mystery in the message from the darkness. Are you ready for the job of saving the world?

In Season of Arrivals, you’ll find new story missions, exotic weapons, and much more. There’s endless adventure that lies ahead like:

  • New dungeon
  • Public events
  • Seasonal armor sets and weapons

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As the darkness lurks in the shadows, it also slowly begins to show itself. In addition, uncovering the mystery means facing the darkness. Season of Arrivals also gives you the chance to show off your skills. Collect Engrams along the way to also unlock rewards from past seasons of the game. This doesn’t come easy of course. Moreover, you must defeat the enemy with sheer skill and prowess. Additionally, Destiny 2 demands your A-game from all angles. Players must also have a good grip on the game to tackle some of these trying events. It’s frustrating to play the game and not see yourself making any progress. In Season of Arrivals, the journey is just as important as the destination.

As the Pyramid ships approach, you must also venture to where the answers lie. In this season, you’ll find:

  • Contact Public event
  • Interference weekly mission
  • Umbral Engram

Contact Public Event – Lore & Additional Info

In the Contact Public event, players group up to prepare for war. Complete public events on Io under the massive ship that lies overhead. Players must work to defeat the ship’s spawned enemies. Unlock the mysterious power of the Pyramid by defeating the enemy.

In this new expansion, players can look forward to a new season pass. In Season of Arrivals, players can earn the Witherhoard Exotic grenade launcher. This weapon is ideal for you to get your hands on. It deals a lot of damage and has impressive stats. The rifle uses special ammo that stands out from any other in the game. In Season of Arrivals, you can get this rifle with a Season pass at Rank 1. The rifle has a powerful blast radius. Other perks include:

  • Great vertical recoil pattern
  • Powerful explosives
  • Targets are destroyed on sight

Weapons & More

Other weapons featured in the Season of Arrivals expansion include:

  • Ruinous Effigy – Traveler’s Chosen
  • Falling Guillotine – Temptation’s Hook
  • Cold Denial – Hollow’s Words
  • Whispering Slab

The special Engrams are themed, and this also makes its drop option lower. Moreover, players get to easily farm for a specific type of gear with stats or perks.  In Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals, the world also is your playground. Also, get ready to earn endless rewards for all of your efforts in this expansion. Discover the Prophecy dungeon in Season of arrivals. Finally, launch this activity from the Tower map. In Prophecy dungeon, you’ll find enemies like:


  • The Taken Thrall – Taken Acolyte
  • Taken Psion – Taken Phalanx
  • Knight Echo – Taken Minotaur
  • Taken Hobgoblin – Centurion Echo
  • Taken Goblin

The bosses in Season of Arrivals include:

  • Planax Echo – Kell Echo

Complete Triumphs for rewards:

  • Of Ten Suns Sparrow
  • Cottontail Shell
  • Prophetic Visionary Emblem

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