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Shadowkeep is a part of the ever-growing Destiny expansion. This marks the fourth expansion in Destiny 2. Nightmares lurk in the background shadows of the Moon. The city is in shambles and is in need of a hero. Are you suited and booted for the task? In Shadowkeep, Eris Morn is back with an untamable power. The Young Wolf has returned to the moon to fight at Eris Moon’s request. The darkness has revived old demons from the past. Evils like Crota, the Eater of Hope, Dominus Ghaul, Skolas, Kell of Kells, Taniks, and the Scarred lurk in the shadows. It’s up to you to put them to rest. As a Guardian, you’ll travel far out and discover unknown evils ahead.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Boost Overview & General Info!

In Shadowkeep, players also go head-to-head with the enemy. Guardian: You must discover the root of darkness and defeat evil. In this expansion, Destiny 2 fans can enjoy all of their favorite adventures. All types of combat are included like missions, quests, raids, and more. The Moon is the core destination where players engage during this expansion. Nightmares are also the sole enemies within this expansion.  In addition, you can look forward to battling old and newer enemies. Moreover, many twists and turns lie ahead. It can be difficult to navigate a world of darkness. We also bring light to your world with the Shadowland boosting service. Additionally, this boost is the solution to clear this mysterious expansion. Finally, your efforts are highlighted with our reliable service.

Revisit the old stomping grounds with classic raids and also missions. In Shadowkeep, you get to start fresh with new features. Players can look forward to a new dungeon “Pit of Heresy”. New activities like “Nightmare Hunts” are featured in this expansion. Explore the Moon and beyond in this dark new expansion. In this activity, there are also four difficulty levels:

  • Adept
  • Hero
  • Legend
  • Master

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Who will you be at the end of the day? Lean into your destiny with this Destiny 2 expansion. Matchmaking is possible for the Adept and Hero difficulty.  Going on Nightmare Hunts earns you Nightmare Essences. Who wouldn’t want to earn this luxury? Craft new weapons by earning as much as you possibly can. Shadowkeep is packed with brand new exciting adventures. Explore the new activity called “Nightfall: The Ordeal”. Go head-to-head with creatures of the night. Earn yourselves coveted rewards like weapons and gear. Players can fully customize their armor to suit their preference. Use the energy system to create new looks for your players. Experiment with your armor like never before with the new features.

Destroy the enemy with all new “finishers” element. These are markers to show the enemies’ health status. Spare no soul by indulging in the mystery of Shadowkeep. Different animations are available for finishers. Show off your skills and become the ultimate enemy. Enhance your character and gameplay with dozens of artifacts. Shadowkeep brings you the gift that keeps on giving. Level up and earn your rewards through domination.

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