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What is your one wish for your player character? Find out in Destiny 2 Last Wish raid. Last Wish is set in the Dreaming City. Last Wish is featured in the Forsaken expansion and is based on its storyline. The most bosses you’ll ever find in Destiny 2 history lie within the Last Wish. Explore the Dreaming City in an exhilarating series of events. Last Wish is the biggest raid throughout the Destiny 2 franchise, surpassing King’s Fall. In the Last Wish, players should keep an eye out for these bosses!

– Kalli, the Corrupted         – Morgeth, the Spirekeeper

– Shuri Chi, the Corrupted   – Riven, of a Thousand Voices


Lore & Additional Info

Upon learning of Uldren Sov’s death, Petra demands answers and heads to the Gateway into the Dreaming City. Guardians wait for Petra’s invitation and Shattered Awoken Talisman award. This award grants players entry into the Dreaming City. There’s only one major flaw: the gate demands a Light and Dark energy combo to open. Petra leads players to Spider who informs them that the missing pieces can be found in the Last Sector. Once you’ve retrieved the missing pieces, they must be infused with Darkness. Head to Scorn who will infuse the pieces with darkness. Once you’re all set, head to Watchtower and into the gateway. Buy our Destiny 2 Last Wish Carry today!

In the Dreaming City, Guardians encounter many enemies. The Taken, Toland, and the Shattered are a few of the bosses you’ll find. Defeating the different bosses in the Last Wish raid means accomplishing unique tasks. To find Kalli the Corrupted, players must enter a large open chamber. Players must stand fall to defend their team against the Taken. Killing the Major Taken Knight earns players a symbol of completion. Kalli is unpredictable with her ability to knock players back with a random attack. Shoot her on sight to make her teleport away.


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Shuro Chi the Corrupted is another boss encountered in the Raid. When players first get to the arena door it’s locked. Opening the door is a team effort. Jump on the big rock to enter the arena before the fight begins. Shuro Chi demands your best fighting skills. Complete each floor before the song kills off your character.

Morgeth is the players’ third encounter in the Last Wish raid. Players need a select few mechanisms to enter the damage phase for the boss. The Taken Strength, Eye of Riven, and Umbral Enervation are the three mechanisms involved. Buy Destiny 2 Last Wish Carry!

Riven of a Thousand voices is the next encounter that happens in the Raid. Come face to face with Riven herself. The crowd will part into two groups of three. A crystal or tree will mark either of the groups.


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