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Raids are a core feature in the Destiny 2 universe. Raids are one in plenty when it comes to the Destiny game franchise. Also, raids typically feature 6 players and demand ongoing communication. Players must also form fireteams to move through each step along the way. Additionally, raids can be quite the task because they have no guided direction. Players ultimately guard themselves against the threat of the enemy. Raids usually involve intense encounters with notable bosses in the Destiny universe.

Raids demand that players form their teams beforehand. Looking for Group (LFG) can be used to search for a team. The enemies found in Raids cannot be found anywhere else. Raids last up to several hours at a time. Since there is no explicit direction, it can be difficult to navigate your way through raids. Destiny raids demand a lot of effort, patience, and resilience. Players can always pause a raid and return to it when they’re ready. Raids must be completed before the checkpoint every Tuesday.

Once players have completed the raids, they will earn the gears and weapons associated with the task. Whatever you obtain in raids is specific to the experience. Weapon rewards earned in raids are limited in perks specific to the raid.


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Raids can either be: Normal or also Hard. Firstly, normal mode raids are top on the list of priorities. You have to finish this, before you can move forward. In Normal mode raids, players get familiar with working as part of a team. Secondly, in the Hard mode, players anticipate tough bosses ahead and a fight for their fate. Thirdly, players can only be revived after 30 seconds in Normal mode.

In each objective, players find enemies to kill. It’s a fairly easy task to destroy the enemy in Normal mode. In Hard mode, revival is barely possible. The self-reviving Sunsinger is a player’s only hope of revival. Sunsingers are children of the Sun. They believe Light can be found everywhere. Hive Wizards harbors hatred for the Sunsingers because their Solar Light blinds their eyes and burns their skin.  In Hard mode, weapon drops are exclusive to that specific activity. D2 Raid Boosting will make it easier!

Raid Lairs are a feature of raids which made its debut Curse of Osiris. Raid Lairs also consist of 6-players and have puzzles and tough bosses ahead. Players can earn exclusive loot rewards and face off in either Normal or Hard mode. Raid Lairs are typically shorter than the full-length raids. Form your fireteam before setting foot in the raid. The Fireteam leader is at the checkpoint and must initiate each raid lair session. Every boss killed equals a new checkpoint within raid lairs. Players must decide amongst themselves how far they are willing to go. You can pause and resume the Raid lairs later.


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Rewards are also the main reason players go through all of this trouble. Moreover, in Destiny 2, raids earn players exclusive weapons and armor not found anywhere else. Also, for each boss fight, players earn a unique weapon or piece of armor. In raid game mode, there is a weekly lockout for loot. Players must also complete the raid before next Tuesday or lose their progress in the game. In addition, this weekly lockout also means players earn loot on a weekly maximum.

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