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Raids are all the rage when it comes to Destiny 2. Raids are a 6-player mission that demands agility and strength among characters. Each raid has unique difficulty levels, so it’s not ideal to use a one-size-fits-all approach. Since raids are so co-operative, they demand a great deal of communication among players. Anticipate epic, high-energy combat and boss encounters in all the Destiny 2 raids have to offer. When starting a raid, a player has to form a fireteam beforehand. You can also search for a team in LFG (Looking for Group).

Enemies in raids have unique abilities limited to this activity. Raids can be highly self-efficient as players must learn to fend for themselves. No markers mean players find where they go and what to do. Raids don’t have to be finished all in one go. You can park it and come back to it. Raids can last a handful of hours depending on its difficulty level. In raids there are two difficulty levels: Normal and Hard (Prestige). Complete the Normal raid before attempting the Hard one. In Normal Raids, you learn raid techniques and how to work as a team. Hard raids are where things get tricky. Players must defeat tough enemies or face lethal consequences.

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In Normal mode, players need a 30-second wait time to be revived. In Hard mode, players cannot be revived at all. The harder the levels, the harder it is to kill the enemies. Getting drops from certain raids is harder than ever. Some weapons are exclusive to raid drops. The “Harrowed” armor and weapons from “The Kings Fall” are exclusive to get in hard mode. In Destiny 2 Hard Mode is Prestige. In Raid mode, players have a weekly limit to earn loot rewards. Raid completion is a badge of honor because you earn rewards that can’t be found elsewhere in the game. Some chest rewards like Ascendant upgrade can enhance equipment and more.

Raids Overview

In Destiny 2 some of the popular Raids featured are:

Leviathan – Last Wish
Scourge of the Past. – Crown of Sorrow
Garden of Salvation – Deep Stone Crypt


Explore the world of Leviathan in the Nessus Orbit. The raid is set in Cabal Emperor Calus’ ship. Playing this Raid requires a 270 Power Level. This raid features unique enemies like:

Watcher Scorpius
Psionic Projections

The bosses in Leviathan raids are:

Royal Beasts (Aru’un, B’ael, M’orn, Ta’aurc, Tho’ourg, Va’ase, Gra’ask, Za’ahn)
Emperor Calus

When you arrive on the Leviathan of Emperor Calus, you’ll face the guard of Loyalist Legionaries. The enemies aren’t quick to attack, but you should prep your ammo in the meantime. Buy our Destiny 2 PC Raid Carry to get it done!

Scourge of the Past

By using our Destiny 2 Raid Carry, you can also deep dive into the abandoned parts of the Last City. In addition, this raid is set on the heels of the Black Armory storyline. Along the way, you’ll also encounter Kell’s Scourge’s bosses and other obstacles. Scourge of the Past is a nighttime raid where players face off on Kell’s Scourge’s territory.

The Bosses:

Insurrection Prime
Ablazed Glory


Berserker – Brutal Shank
Unhinged Servitor    – Insurrection Defender

In Scourge of the Past Raid, players earn rewards like:

No Feelings rifle      – Bellowing Giant
Tempered Dynamo      – Anarchy
Armor Sets

Last Wish

You can also travel to the Dreaming City to venture on this raid. This Raid also stems from the Forsaken expansion storyline. Last Wish Raid features the most bosses in the Destiny 2 franchise. Buy our Destiny 2 Raid Carry Service today to get it done! Any kind of a Destiny 2 Raid Boost / Prestige Raid Carry can be yours with a click of a mouse!

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