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Trial of Osiris is a Crucible event led by the Disciple of Osiris. This endgame event was first featured in the House of Wolves expansion of the game. Players can venture on this event every weekend from Friday to Tuesday. In Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy, players can embark on the Trials of Osiris. Players need a Trials Passage to enter the Trials of Osiris.

Where do you find this? Players must have first completed the House of Wolves Story. Use the Trials Passage as a scorecard to mark your progress. Players can also purchase extra passages from Brother Vance in the Vestian Outpost. Items like the Boon of Osiris, Favor of Osiris, and Mercy of Osiris serve as score-altering. Players can purchase consumables using coins earned from Crucible events

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Destiny 2 player: earn Trials Passage from Saint-14 in the Tower hangar.  In Trials of Osiris, players face off in Elimination mode. Two teams of 3 players face off against one another. Kill the opposing team to secure a win for your team. Matches last only 2-minute, and players must show off their skills in a race against the clock. Wipe out the enemy or capture a zone on the map for instant victory. Each win in a round awards 1 point. So, who wins the match? The first team to 5 points. In Trials of Osiris, players can be revived by teammates or self-revived with Sunsingers.

Mastery of Destiny 2 is a skill shared by a select few. Highly skilled players get the upper hand when it comes to the Trial of Osiris. If players execute a Flawless Scorecard, they can also visit the Lighthouse on Mercury. Having 9 wins and 0 losses qualifies a player for this honor. At the Lighthouse, players can earn limited edition and exclusive gear and emblem. Prove your worth and advance to the luminous Lighthouse on Mercury.  In Year 1, players can earn the exotic Eye of Osiris emblem. Year 2 awards the Hic Jacet Emblem and exclusive weapon or armor items. In Year 3, players can earn the Solar Labor emblem, exotic weapon, and armor piece. Buy Cheap Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Carry today!

General Overview

Achieving none or few losses is a shot in the dark for most players. It can also be next to impossible to avoid losing. Moreover, Destiny 2 requires coordination, skill, and patience from each player. In addition, the most skilled players go beyond the norm. They challenge themselves to newer heights and unknown places. Avid Destiny 2 players look forward to dominating Crucible events to earn limited reduction rewards. The select group of master players have fought tooth and nail for in spot at the top.

The 5 Passages in the Trial of Osiris Carry are:

  • Passage of Mercy – Passage of Ferocity
  • A Passage of Confidence – Passage of Wealth
  • Passage of Wisdom

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Trial of Osiris

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