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Valor is a Crucible rank system featured in Destiny 2. In Quickplay, Rumble, and Mayhem playlists, players can add onto their Valor Rank. Win, lose, or draw players earn points on their Valor Rank. Wins, of course, yield higher points than losses. If you win many matches in a row, this earns you a streak bonus reward. Once you’ve hit five wins, you max your streak wins. In Valor, the rank levels are as follows:

  • Guardian (0 points)     – Brave (50 points)
  • Heroic (350 points)      – Fabled (700 points)
  • Mythic (1150 points)    – Legend (1800 points)
  • Exotic (2000 points)

Exotic rank is earned when players yield 2000 points.  Reset your rank to the start and as many times as you wish. In Valor mode, players have the luxury of earning dozens of rewards. This includes weapons, emblems, and ornaments. With each new Valor Rank, players earn a Crucible engram. Lord Shaxx awaits the moment in the Tower to hand you your rewards.


Lore & Additional Info About Destiny 2 Valor Boost

Guardians spend hours on end working through the different competitive modes. In Valor, players can earn massive rewards for scoring wins. Players get frustrated when they don’t know where or how far to go. How far are you willing to go to fulfil your true destiny? If you’re at the Heroic level, you’re probably aiming for Legend status. Getting there is no child’s play. It requires time, effort, and concentration. It can feel impossible to demonstrate these traits when trying to enjoy the game. Victory does not have to be painful–it can be fun and rewarding.

In Valor, although there are 7 ranks, each of them have sub ranks within them.

  • Guardian (I-III) – Brave (I-III)
  • Heroic (I-III) – Fabled (I-III)
  • Mythic (I-III)  – Legend (I-III)
  • Exotic (I-III)


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Players must work their way to the top. Completing weekly bounties is necessary to come close at a high rank. In Valor ranks, players don’t lose their rank progress after losing a match. Valor resets once players have earned 2000 points. Resetting your rank can reward luxury Destiny 2 gear. The items you’ll earn are much higher in value than what you would typically get at your current level. It sounds kind of crazy to do all of that work, then just give up your ranks for some gear. Resetting your valor rank not only means earning gear. You can acquire powerful weapons if needed. If you reset your Valor rank once, you can earn the ornament for the Crucible helmet. For resetting twice, players can earn the exotic Ghost shell.

Get ready to dive into your Valor rank. In this high-energy game mode, players fight to also defend their honor. The Valor ranking system also determines player skill and progress in the Destiny 2 universe. We provide the D2 Valor rank boost as the remedy to get players wherever they want to go. We guide you through the darkness and towards the light. Completing weekly activities is just as tiring as it sounds. With the rank boost, our pro players secure higher wins for maximum rewards.


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