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Glory rank is a PvP mode featured in the Destiny 2 universe. In competitive Crucible, players can find various Glory ranks. These matches are no cakewalk, and players must demonstrate a firm grip of the game’s deathly competitive nature. Glory ranks are determined based on a specific point system within the game. The Glory Ranks included in Destiny 2 are:

  • Guardian – Brave
  • Heroic – Fabled
  • Mythic – Legend
  • Max

Each of these ranks can be further broken down into:

  • Guardian I-III – Brave I-III.
  • Heroic I-III – Fabled I-III
  • Mythic I-III – Legend I-III
  • Max I-III

Glory points are limited to the Competitive mode in Destiny 2. Glory ranks players based on their skill set. The more games players win in Glory mode, the higher up the ladder they climb. On the flip side, losing games cost players points as well. Players invest a lot of time and effort in Competitive PvP for Glory rewards. This is also the quickest way to level up within the game.  Players fight tooth and nail to achieve Glory ranks not only for bragging rights. High Glory ranks earn players exotic Destiny 2 weapons.

Glory Rank and Points Systems

Guardian I: 0-39 points       -Guardian II: 40-109 points Guardian III: 110-199 points – Brave I: 200-369 points

Brave II: 370-664 points        -Brave III: 665-1049

Heroic: I: 1050-1259            – Heroic II: 1260-1624

Heroic III: 1625-2099           -Fabled I: 2100-2379

Fabled II: 2380-2869           – Fabled III: 2870-3499

Mythic I: 3500- 3879           – Mythic II: 3880-4544

Mythic III: 4545-5449          – Legend: 5450- 5500

Max: 5500

In the Glory Rank Crucible, players fight against others with a similar skillet. As players move up the ranks, they earn rewards for progress. Winning or losing many matches in a row puts players on a streak. This shows just how much wins and losses affects your progress in the game. It gets tricky when trying to keep up with your Destiny 2 glory rank. Players are forced to stay competitive and climb all the way to the top. Finally, buy our D2 glory boost to avoid any kind of obstacle!

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