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Gambit is a player versus player mode in Destiny 2. Gambit was first featured in the Forsaken expansion of the game. Players can earn weapons and armor by completing matches. Guardians are placed in two teams of four in similar arenas. Teams discuss strategy and convene with their opponents. In Gambit players fight to the death to kill enemies. Players earn Motes of Dark to deposit later on at a Bank. Players can hold as much as 15 Motes at a time. If you die, you will permanently lose all of your Motes.

A Taken enemy, Blocker, is spawned after depositing 5-15 Motes. In Gambit, minibosses pop up occasionally. This means that players should always be quick on their feet. Fill up your Motes inventory by killing the enemy. Some enemies are Elite and worth more than others. At 25-50 Motes deposited, a portal opens up. One player must enter to sabotage the opponent’s progress by denying Motes. The Invader is under protection and puts on a facade of befriending the enemies.  The invasion often includes using Supers, sniper rifles, and heavy machine guns. Once time is up, Invaders rush back to their designated team.


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At a full bank of 75 Motes, players can summon a Primeval. This powerful Taken must be killed to claim

victory. Killing the Primeval gives all team members the slayer damage buff. You can also use invasions as an opportunity to heal the opposing team’s Primeval.

Round 2 of Gambit matches switches up the pace. Enemy difficulties are increased with even more Elite enemies. The Drifter decides what enemies are spawned each round. It can be: Fallen, Vex, Cabal, Hive, or Scorn. Gambit can be categorized as: Mote Collecting or Destroying the Summoned Primeval. Destroy the event as fast as you can in the Mote Collecting mode. Find a weapon with a quick kill time to deal severe damage. Use your most skilled players for invasions to save time. Maximize your potential to kill the enemy with expert strategy.


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Destroy the surrounding Elite enemies in the Primeval stage. Also, use your ammo to take out the target and bring your team to a swift victory. Gambit is a very tricky game mode because of the players’ reliance on their environment. Players must be aware of what’s happening around them at all times. Things get tricky when trying to invade the enemy base. Players risk their lives to come out successful in Gambit mode. Getting Motes is one thing but keeping them is another. Blockers are quick to lock down the bank to prevent players from earning as many as they need. Destiny 2 Gambit Boost will help you with just that!

Players must stay alive to reap all of the benefits the event has to offer. Dying is not an option when it comes to Gambit. Death is severe punishment that does much harm and no good. Are you willing to risk dying and losing all of your Motes? This means all of your blood, sweat, and tears swirling down the drain. Once dead, Motes are no more.

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Play into your strengths and also help your team claim the victory. In addition, you too can move along and help to rack up Motes for your team. Moreover, Gambit is a team effort, and teams work well with multitasking. Knowing your enemy is also crucial in Gambit mode. Defeat the big enemies to get on track to winning Gambit.

Additionally, Gambit is all about making smart decisions. You can also use the resources you have to the best of your ability. Destiny 2 constantly challenges players to unleash their inner hero. Are you going to fold and risk the fate of your team? Or will you fast track to victory? With our Destiny 2 Gambit carry, we make players more resilient to damage. With every twist and turn that comes along, we stay on our feet. The enemy is no match for our strength and skill.

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