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Competition is an ongoing theme in the Destiny 2 universe. Players are constantly tested on their skills and matched up against one another to fight to the death. In Destiny 2 PvP includes any activity that players engage in against one another. Additionally, PvP is a sore spot for many Destiny 2 fans because of its occasional difficulty. PvP can get hard to the point where progress seems overall impossible. PvP makes up a huge part of the Destiny 2 experience and so players spend a lot of time in this area.

In Destiny 2, PvP is fast and riddled with chaos to keep players on their feet. PvP demands great agility, strength, and resolve among players. PvP can be equal parts rewarding and draining. Players are required to have a level of mastery of Destiny 2 to survive in PvP mode. Players who want to get the most out of the game, fully immerse themselves in PvP combat. PvP upgrades players’ collections with luxurious items. Whether you’re looking for powerful new weapons, or stylish gear, we’ve got a PvP match with your name on it.

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We believe that a weapon is only as good as its holder and vice versa. Getting the right weapons is only half the battle. PvP demands expert player skills and highly precious time. The long and short of it is that not every player has this kind of time on their hands. The bottom line: players must be able to hold their own against the enemy. In PvP good armor goes a long way in protecting against damage. Resilience, mobility, strength, and also recovery are a few traits associated with good armor. Players must be able to move quickly and shield against incoming threats from all angles. Strong armor is also the difference between staying down and getting back up.

Teamwork is the essence of Destiny 2 PvP. Each player is only as powerful as its army. In Destiny 2, PvP includes: Crucible and Gambit. Crucible PvP pits Guardians against each other in different game modes. Before the Crucible begins, players also level advantages are assessed to give a fair fight.

Modes & More!

Destiny 2 (D2) PvP Carry — In Crucible there are dozens of modes!

  • Clash– 6v6 mode in Classic Mix playlist. A team wins by being the first to score 150 points.
  • Control: Players conquer specific zones around the map. Capture 1 zone= 1 points, 2= 2 points, and so on. Finally, the first team to 100 points wins.
  • Supremacy– 6v6 mode with weekly rotating. When a player dies, they also drop a crest. Collect more crests than the opponents.
  • Countdown– 4v4 mode with weekly rotating. Also has up to 11 rounds of play. Players must plant a bomb at 1 of 2 locations.
  • Survival– 3v3 mode in Competitive playlist. Each team has limited lives. If a player on a team dies, the team loses a life. Force the opponent to use up all their lives to eliminate them.
  • Rumble: 6-player free for all PvP. Players gain 1 point for every kill. First team to 30 points claims victory.
  • Team Scorched: Defeat your opponent in 6v6 PvP worth Scorch Cannons.
  • Showdown: 4v4 PvP mode with weekly rotating game mode. Buy our Destiny 2 PvP Carry to get it out of the way!
  • Lockdown: 4v4 PvP mode only available weekly. Capture all 3 zones to claim the win for your team.
  • Breakthrough: 4v4 PvP mode where players also fight to capture the central zone. Hack the enemy’s team Vault to win the round.
  • Elimination: 3v3 PvP mode where all team players must die to win the round.
  • Mayhem: in this 6v6 PvP, abilities are improved. Kill the enemy to increase your abilities.

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