Destiny 2 Milestones

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Milestones are a major part of our lifetime. We use them as markers for significant events. In Destiny 2, this is no less true. Milestones help to shape the character experience. They help to determine your where you are and where you’ve been. Milestones are quests that players can track within the game. When it comes to leveling up, milestones are very important. Players want to enjoy the game, but they also want to go far. What good is the game if you’re not making any progress?

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Destiny 2 offers infinite events for players to earn a higher level. Some work quicker than others and reward greater benefits. Weekly milestones are a birthright when it comes to earning your keep. Players want to go where the grass is greener. Why spend time running around when you could be racking up rewards? It’s exhausting to go on a wild goose chase and come up short. When you complete weekly milestones, you earn loot that elevates your status. Once you get to this point, you continue to go up from here on out. Each new week, players face weekly milestones. Buy Destiny 2 Milestones Boost!

These milestones are no walk in the park. Players face their share of tough enemies. Milestones demand craft and resilience. This is the perfect chance to show your strength and defend your honor. Milestones take a lot out of players. Your energy is used up and your efforts feel futile. Destiny 2 demands your A game but it’s hard to keep up at times. We have the ideal solution to keep you in the game. With our Destiny 2 weekly Milestones boost, you’re well on your way to glory. Shine from a mile away with powerful rewards. Earn once in a lifetime rewards to bolt past the competition.

Destiny 2 Milestones Overview & Info

Some of the weekly milestone activities you’ll come across are:

  • Flashpoints: Complete the activity before the timer runs out. These reward powerful engrams and guaranteed exclusive gear.
  • Nightfalls: These are tough versions of Strikes.
  • Crucible: Call to Arms: Complete a single match to earn 15% toward the goal. Rewards powerful Engram.
  • Leviathan: Leviathan, Cabal Emperor Claus’ personal ship is the center of the storyline.
  • Clan XP: Every week, a member of the Clan can contribute a max 5000 XP to clan level

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