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It’s you versus the rest of the world in the Destiny 2 realm. Player versus environment (PvE) includes a broad scope of player activities. PvE includes anything under the sun–anything from quests to field events. PvE puts players at the heart of the game. You must interact with your surroundings to clear the required missions. There are many chances for you to interact with the different elements of the game. In Destiny 2, PvE activities can be grouped into:

  • Story Missions – Quests
  • Lost Sectors – Public Events
  • Adventures – Patrols
  • Strikes – Raids

In Destiny 2 Story Missions can also be referred to as “campaigns”. In addition, these are special quests of 1-3 players. Missions have a series of objectives for players to complete. Moreover, they follow a similar pattern of Strikes. In Missions, players don’t always have to defeat a boss at the end. Also, Beyond Light is a notable campaign in the Destiny 2 expansions. Lost Sectors are hidden underground sectors in larger zones. Players can find them in all locations, but even more so in the European Dead Zone. Players battle a series of enemies, including a Major / Champion.

Quests Overview

Quests are multi-step missions with high rewards once they are completed. In Destiny 2, there are World Quests and also Exotic Quests.  Discover the world through new missions along the journey. The groups of world quests in D2 include:

  • Earth (Enhance & Patrols) – Nessus (Exodus Black)
  • Io (Dynasty) – Titan (Enemy of My Enemy)

Public Events are also PvE activities in patrol zones. Players can complete a single task like securing a weapon or defeating a powerful enemy. You can earn rewards chest upon successful completion of this PvE activity. On the map, you can find these special events in certain locations.

Adventures are also a PvE game mode in patrol zones. Complete side missions to find NPCs roaming about. Players can track these activities on the map and they usually take 10-15 minutes to complete. Once completed, you can always play over adventure to earn extra loot rewards. Buy our Destiny 2 PvE Boost Today!

Patrols are PvE activities located in the worlds visited within the game. They are usually shorter than other PvE events. Starting a Patrol mission means locating a Patrol beacon in a specified zone. Once you interact with it, the mission begins. Each section may have many Patrol beacons at a time.

Strikes refer to 3-player activities with a series of objectives and also a boss battle. Strikes are destination oriented or launched from a Vanguard Director. Vanguard Strike triggers a random Strike. If there are less than 3 players, you can join a Strike that’s already in progress. Raids are 6-player activities in Destiny 2. Raids demand complex technique and a team effort to complete. They can be divided into phases to divide the work among the players. Buy our D2 PvE Boost for the best Destiny 2 PvE Loadout possible!

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