Destiny 2 Dungeons

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Explore the unknown that lies below the surface. Dungeons are end-game activities which mirror Raids in some ways. They are typically longer than Raid lairs but shorter than Raids. Dungeons take several hours even with a highly efficient fireteam. The Shattered Throne marks the introduction of the first dungeon in Forsaken. Pit of Heresy shortly followed in the Shadowkeep expansion. In Destiny 2, the existing Destiny 2 dungeons list goes as follows:

  • The Shattered Throne
  • Pit of Heresy
  • Prophecy

The Shattered Throne

In Forsaken players were also introduced to this dungeon. Guardians must enter Eleusina, Queen Mara Sov’s Throne World. Fight through a horde of Taken to discover the source of Dreaming City’s Taken corruption. In the Shattered Throne, players also encounter various bosses and must defeat them to claim victory. Buy our Destiny 2 Dungeons Boosting to ensure the victory!

Pit of Heresy

This dungeon was released in Shadowkeep. Guardians must enter the bottom of the Scarlet Keep. Fight past your way of Hidden Swarm to defeat Hive master Zulmak, Instrument of Torment. Each dungeon has checkpoints which require players to complete other tasks in between.

The Destiny 2 Dungeons bosses here include:

  • Zulmak, Instrument of Torment
  • Volmâr, the Tempted (Xenophage Quest)

In this dungeon, players encounter enemies:

  • Accursed Swordbearers  – Harrowing Pariah
  • Apocalyptic Blade            – Heretical Knight
  • Malevolent Rituals  – Might of the Broken Blade
  • Omen of the Broken Blade – Oracle of the Broken Blade
  • Pit Keeper

In the Destiny 2 Dungeons – Pit of Heresy players earn:


  • A Fine Memorial: Machine Gun – Apostate Sniper Rifle
  • Night Terror: Sword – One Small Step: Shotgun
  • Premonition: Pulse Rifle – Every Waking Moment: SMG
  • Heretic: Rocket launcher – Arc Logic: Auto Rifle


Dreambane Armor


This Dungeon was also introduced in the Season of Arrivals. Moreover, guardians must enter a realm and fight through a horde of Taken. Additionally, In Prophecy, players must defeat the Kell Echo to restore justice. There’s no Darkness zone in this encounter, which makes it easier than most.

The Destiny 2 bosses in these dungeons are:

  • Phalanx Echo
  • Kell Echo

Phalanx Echo

Find this simulated Taken Phalanx champion deep in the Prophecy dungeon. Phalanx Echo is conjured by the Nine and summoned by the Kell Echo. This boss aims to bar players from traversing way deep into the Nine realm. Phalanx Echo marks the first boss in the Prophecy dungeon.

Kell Echo – Destiny 2 Dungeons Boosting

This represents a Taken image of a Fallen Kell. The Nine has conjured up this image to test Guardian’s survival as it relates to Light and Dark. Kell Echo reveals itself once players approach the final Taken Probe. Players must move out of harm’s way and develop a strategy to take down the enemy.


Additional Information & Overview

Knight Echo and Centurion echo are the unique enemies. Knight Echos are also simulated Taken Knights found in the Prophecy Dungeon.  Moreover, they hold onto light/dark Motes which dives deep into the Nine realms. In addition, they also use this mote to weaken their simulated champion. Centurion Echo also appears twice in the Prophecy dungeon. Find them in the Hexahedron fight. You’ll also find two guards trying to keep Guardians from escaping.

Players also earn many rewards in the Prophecy dungeon.  Finally, these include both weapons and armors. Some of the weapons earned are:

  • Negative Space: a type of sword in the Prophecy
  • Death Adder: An SMG
  • Widow’s Bite: sniper rifle
  • Hoosegow: rocket launcher

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