Destiny 2 Dawning


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Bundle up for Destiny 2’s wintry limited edition The Dawning event. This event is also a winter wonderland of adventure. Destiny fans can also chip on Europa with newfound power in this limited-time event. Moreover, players can enter The Dawning with Eva’s return to the tower. Additionally, collecting ingredients is a necessary agent to defeat the enemy. Players must also bring the enemies to their knees by baking different ingredients into special holiday-themed cookies for NPCS.

Once you have also delivered the holiday cookies and completed the necessary missions, The Dawning commences. In ‘The Dawning’, players can look forward to earning rewards from all over. In the event, you get the chance to earn an Exotic ship. Additionally, this reward can be fully customized with different engine effects and other unique features. The Dawning also promises a fusion rifle. The coveted The Gacioclasm is a likely reward for participating in this event. This event promises a world of fun. Players can buy holiday-themed items to celebrate the winter season.


General Overview & Information

Baking is the focal task of this event and so players must find the right ingredients. Certain ingredients also yield special rewards. The tricky part is you have to know where to look for them. Some ingredients are uncommon—this makes them hard to find. Are you struggling to find the right ingredients to collect The Dawning recipes? We’re here to help you as soon as possible with our Destiny 2 Dawning Boost!

Some uncommon ingredients in the events are:

  • Vex Milk
  • Cabal Oil
  • Dark Ether Cane
  • Taken Butter
  • Chitin Powder
  • Ether Cane

Rare kill ingredients are those earned by killing enemies—only in a specific way. To earn the rare kill, you must switch up your fighting techniques. Buy our Destiny 2 Dawning Boost & Carry today!

  • Null Taste                 – Superb Texture
  • Delicious Explosions – Balanced Flavors
  • Impossible Heat – Pinch of Light
  • Electric Flavor – Bullet Spray
  • Sharp Flavor – Finishing Touch
  • Flash of Inspiration – Perfect Taste
  • Personal Touch –  Flavors


Cookie Recipes / Destiny 2 Dawning

The recipes are the most important part in all of this. Moreover, which cookie recipes do you need to conquer The Dawning?  Here’s a list:

Ascendant Oatmeal Raisin Cookies           Biscotti

Blueberry Crumblers                                  Bright Dusted Snowballs

Burnt Edge Transit                                     Candy Dead Ghosts

Chocolate Ship Cookies                             Classic Butter Cookie

Dark Chocolate Motes                                Elsinki Birdseed / Destiny 2 Dawning

Etheric Coldsnaps                                      Gentleman’s Shortbread

Forest Cake                                                   Ribbon Cookies

Strange Cookies                                          Tapioca

Thousand Layer Cookies                            Vanilla Blades


Get access to all of these Dawning recipes with the Destiny 2 Dawning boost. We give you the keys to unlock the hardest to find ingredients. You must complete the important recipes to gain the best rewards in the game. Bake the cookies needed to perfect the recipes as soon as possible. Remember: This event isn’t forever. You want to earn your rewards before time runs out. Let’s not spend time wandering around in circles. Unlock the rarest ingredients to secure Destiny 2 items.


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