Destiny 2 Legendary Weapons


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Some weapons just cannot be denied for one reason or another. Legendary weapons are the most powerful items in Destiny. As you would imagine, these weapons have unique properties which set them apart from the crowd. Legendary weapons wield so much power that only one can be held at a time. Legendary weapons tend to be more ideal than exotics for too many reasons to list. Players can find dozens of weapons that fall under this category, but some are visibly more powerful. With great power, comes great responsibility. Acquiring these weapons demand dexterity, strength, and hard work. We make it a walk in the park to secure the most legendary weapons to exist in the game.

Legendary Weapons come in different sizes, shapes, and damage levels. Whether it’s an auto rifle, bow rifle, or hand cannon, we know how to obtain them. Legendary indicates a type of rarity that defines an item.


Top-Tier Destiny 2 Legendary Weapons

Here is a list of 10 of the most legendary weapons in Destiny 2:

Unspoken Promise

  • This is a Legendary sword
  • Has a sturdy, well-rounded frame
  • Its blade increases damage and ammo
  • Source: lo Engram, Gunsmith Engram, Faction Engrams

A Single Clap

  • This Legendary Sniper rifle can be found in Titan
  • Features a Solar ammunition
  • Fires up to 5 round magazine


  • Legendary auto rifle
  • Grip also increases accuracy and stability when shooting from the hip
  • Also Features a vertical recoil frame
  • Stable barrel attachment
  • Source: 7 wins in Trial of the Nine or Trials Engram

Origin Story

  • Solid assault rifle
  • Barrel also increases range and Handling Speed
  • Zoom feature on Barrel
  • Source: Vanguard Tactician Engram/ first Strike Milestone

The Last Dance

  • A sidearm gun in Destiny 2
  • Also Has a well-rounded frame with 3-round burst
  • Sharp sidearm sight
  • Increased target range and speed
  • Extended mag with speed for moving targets

MIDA Mini-Tool

  • Legendary Submachine Gun
  • Super lightweight frame is also ideal for handling
  • Ultra-light barrel
  • Source: Quest Enhance!

Call to Serve

  • This scout rifle has great handling speed
  • Vertical recoil pattern
  • Increased magazine size

Uriel’s Gift

  • An auto rifle with medium zoom barrel
  • Optimized for recoil control
  • Can also be dismantled to create Legendary Shards
  • Source: Legendary engrams by Cryptarch/ Devrim Kay on Earth

Better Devils

  • Hand cannon with sturdy frame
  • Agile hand cannon
  • Also Fires long distance
  • Mag drops on reloads
  • Source: Crucible Engram/ Legendary Shards

Nameless Midnight

  • This is a scout rifle with long zoom and focused scope
  • Has increased rang and handling speed
  • Can also fire long distances
  • Source: Zavala upon completing Strikes Milestone


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