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Pinnacle Weapons are a symbol of domination within Destiny 2. As you can guess, they’re not the easiest to unlock–they demand great skill, kills, and a lot of your time. Destiny 2 players who want to experience all the game has to offer must earn pinnacle weapons. The list of Pinnacle Weapons in Destiny 2 is ever-growing. Each weapon has unique perks or traits which makes it a player favorite. Each weapon also has a quest to go along with it. Buy our D2 Pinnacle Weapon Carry / Boost Service today!


Noteworthy Pinnacle Weapons

Crucible Pinnacle weapons

Luna’s Howl

  • Completing Luna’s Howl Quest is the only way to earn this pinnacle weapon.
  • Complete Crucible Quest “Remembrance” in Season 4
  • This Legendary hand cannon can be dismantled for Glimmer, Legendary Shards, Gunsmith Materials, or Enhancement Cores.

Redrix’s Claymore

  • Earn this powerful rifle and reward for the Fabled Glory Rank in Competitive Crucible
  • Rifle also has impressive range and stability which makes it a decent killer
  • Outlaw and also Desperado perks. Outlaw: 50+ reloads for precision kills
  • Headshot kills increase speed, making the fun fire faster

Not Forgotten

  • Hand cannon with quick fire and accuracy / D2 Pinnacle Weapons!
  • Earned once completed Luna’s Howl
  • Also, get 500 kills in Competitive playlist to earn it
  • Perks: Zen Moment, Precision Frame, Magnificent Howl

Oxygen SR3

  • Legendary Scout rifle also earned from Redeployment Pinnacle Weapon quest by Commander Zavala
  • The Best Offense must also be completed first
  • Weapon has a vertical recoil pattern
  • Increased stability with recoil reduction barrel
  • Weapon is designed to fire long distances
  • Precision kills create damage explosion 


  • Legendary Auto rifle also rewards for the Gambit Pinnacle Quest in Season of the Forge
  • Has an increased magazine size; slow reload
  • Stacks 3x. Increases Damage
  • Rate of fire increased as you stack Rampage

Loaded Question

  • Legendary fusion rifle by Banshee-44
  • High impact frame with slow firing but also high damage
  • Has a short zoom which slightly increases range and handling speed


…More D2 Pinnacle Weapons!

The Mountaintop

  • Legendary Grenade launcher from Crucible pinnacle quest
  • Super lightweight frame for ideal handling
  • Launch barrel is also designed for projectile speed
  • Also has an explosive payload
  • Micro-missile feature: weapon fires in a straight line


  • Legendary combat bow with a frame optimized for damage
  • Simple balanced string for increased accuracy, speed, and also stability
  • Enhanced range and accuracy on opening shot of attack

21% Delirium

  • Legendary machine gun featured in Joker’s Wild
  • Source: The Drifter’s pinnacle quest
  • Also has deeper manor reserves / D2 Pinnacle Weapons
  • Reload speed is also faster when mag is empty
  • Has an increased magazine size with slower reload
  • Kills increase weapon’s damage until stowed or reloaded


  • Legendary sniper rifle acquired from pinnacle weapon quest by Lord Shaxx
  • Aggressive frame: High damage, high recoil
  • Weapon built to also fire long distances
  • Has weighty barrel and increased range

Other Destiny 2 Pinnacle Weapons include:

Wendigo GL3, Recluse, Edgewise, Exit Strategy, Randy’s Throwing Knife, Python, Point of the Stag, Buzzard and also Komodo-4FR

In addition, D2 Pinnacle Weapons offer considerable damage to the attacker. Players can show off their brutal nature with a collection of great weapons in the game. Since these weapons are so exclusive, only the best players can obtain them. Each of the many weapons demand specific requirements before you can access them. We make it so that you can get any of these coveted weapons at great speed.

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