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Guardians and alien forces use vehicles to get around in Destiny 2. These are armed modes of transportation that come in many forms. Some of the common Guardian vehicles are Sparrow, Hawk, Turret, Jumpship, and Drake Tank. Guardians refer to Lightbearers with a duty to protect the Last City and Solar System against forces of the Darkness.

General Overview & Well-Known Vehicles


  • Single Guardian occupant vehicle
  • Ideal for fast travel across long distances
  • Each Guardian gets a vehicle
  • Source: Loot, purchased from a Vendor
  • Can be summoned at any patrol destination
  • Sparrow Racing League requires the use of Sparrow
  • The Warmind story mission must be completed to use Sparrow
  • Sparrows are granted only to Guardians who complete A Guardian Rises


  • Guardians can use this to travel around Solar System
  • Can be bought from Shipwrights Amanda Holiday
  • Source: Guardian Rises, Arcadia Class Jumpship


  • Troop carrier VTOL (Vertical Take-Off Landing)
  • Aircraft used in the Last City
  • Used as attack fighter in the Red War against Red Legion Forces


  • Special vehicle in the Bastion and First Light Crucible
  • Armed with twin rotary machine guns for rapid fire
  • Wrecks other vehicles on sight
  • Able to destroy Sparrows, Pikes and Interceptors
  • Machine gun overheats after firing

Drake Tank

  • Battle tank designed by Amanda Holiday
  • Guardian forces used these during Red War
  • Armed with main cannon and rocket launchers
  • Has targeting and dumb fire abilities
  • Can go against Goliath Tank of the Red Legion


Fallen Vahicles

Enemy Vehicles are also another group of Vehicles in Destiny 2. Here are the Vehicles used by the Fallen group in Destiny 2::


  • A vehicle with pair of Arc guns on both side
  • Guardians can pilot the vehicle
  • Can also boost and barrel roll
  • Equipped with high speed


  • The Fallen uses this as a troop carrier
  • Also Launches from larger Vehicles like Ketches
  • Moreover, it is armed with twin plasma cannons and bouncing mines
  • Cannon fires explosive rounds with major damage

Heavy Pike

  • Type of pike used by House of Wolves
  • Can be found in Venus in Patrol
  • Has slower rate of fire than standard Pike
  • 7-engine feature unlike standard Pike


  • The robotic tank used by the Fallen
  • Appears in Strike and large Public Events
  • Equipped with an arsenal to deal multiple threats at once
  • Armed with a machine gun, solar cannon, and missile pods – Buy Destiny 2 Vehicles



Seeder Ship

  • Used to colonize worlds with Hive lifeforms
  • Three Seeder ships can also be found in Cosmodrome
  • Other locations: Refinery, Jovian Complex, and also The Grottos

Hive warship

  • Class of hive military vehicles
  • Also forms part of Oryx’s fleet found near Saturn
  • Moreover, it has a rectangular shape similar to the Dreadnaught
  • Equipped with 12 prongs
  • Also has use as mobile prisons
  • Carries and also launches Tombships – Buy Destiny 2 Vehicles (Car) today!



  • Hive transport ships with teleportation abilities
  • Armed with twin cannons on either side
  • Cannons also fire slow-moving bolts against targets
  • The ship also has a visible stone makeup and foreign magic fusion abilities


  • Massive Hive spaceship that doubles as a throne for Oryx, The Taken King
  • Also has a giant engine with possible Solar- powered energy
  • Massive twin mount dish also with fleet decimating abilities
  • Can launch an attack with the short-lived energy stream

Buy Destiny 2 Vehicles – Cabal


  • Gunship also used by the Red Legion
  • Used during the assault on the Last City and the Earth
  • Appeared as part of Cabal Excavation Public Events
  • Also Fires missiles that fixate on the enemy
  • Equipped with anti-missile flares


  • Troop carrier is also consists of the Cabal
  • They also move fast from low orbits to the planet’s surface within seconds
  • Additionally, it is armed with single Solar cannon
  • Cannon fires fast-moving, powerful rockets – Buy Destiny 2 Vehicles

Cabal Warships 

  • Main class of cabal spacecraft for exploration and war
  • Sturdy design for combat
  • Able to also deploy Mining Landers, Injection Rigs
  • Features 4 main engines

Cabal carrier

  • Type of cabal warship for war
  • Much bigger than cabal warships
  • Can also hold entire cabal Legions
  • Equipped with 10 engines



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