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At some point, even the bravest of heroes need an armor. In Destiny 2, this is no different. Armor includes any equipment that protects Guardians against damage and injury. Armor can be divided between different slots based on body parts. Each armor has unique perks and characteristics to enhance ability during combat.


General Armor Overview

Armor can be grouped into the following slots:

  • Helmet – Gauntlets
  • Chest Armor – Leg Armor
  • Artifact – Class Item

Armor sets also give players a complete themed look that stands out in the game. Moreover, some of the most valuable sets in Destiny 2 Beyond Light include:

  • Deep Stone Crypt Raider
  • Europa Set
  • Seasonal Armor
  • Eververse/Not-Eververse Armor
  • Cosmodrome Set
  • Vendor Refresh Set
  • Battle Pass Ornament
  • The Dawning Ornament

Some armors can also be worn by ALL CLASSES in the game. Moreover, these include:

Legendary artifacts

  • Azure Lens              –  Golden Age Lens
  • Grayscale Lens – Memory of Felwinter
  • Memory of Gheleon – Memory of Jolder
  • A Memory of Perun – Memory of Radegast
  • Memory of Silimar – Memory of Skorri
  • A Memory of Timur

Buy Destiny 2 Legendary Chest armor

  • Bright Armor
  • Momentum Defense
  • Racing Suit
  • Vest of the Jade Rabbit

Legendary Gauntlets

  • Bright Gauntlets
  • Gloves of the Jade Rabbit
  • Momentum Gloves
  • Racing Gloves

Buy Destiny 2 Legendary Leg Armor

  • Boosts of the Jade Rabbit
  • Bright Sheath
  • Circuit Striders
  • Momentum Boots
  • Racing Legs


  • Aksis Mask – Atheon Mask
  • Crota Mask – Also Cryptarch Mask
  • Eris Morn Mask – Exotic Engram
  • Firewolf Mask – Ghost Mask
  • Also Legendary Engram Mask – Lost Prince Mask
  • Oryx Mask – Petra Venj Mask
  • Also Rare Engram Mask –  Revenant Mask
  • Saladin Mask                – SIVA Masks
  • Skolas Mask – Skull Mask
  • Speaker Mask – Tiger Mask
  • Traveler Mask – Uncommon Engram
  • Warden Mask – Wolf Mask
  • Xur Mask


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