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Buy our cheap WoW rep boosts to increase your rep points in the World of Warcraft. There are endless adventures for players to gain leverage. Reputation is a striking feature in the game and it allows players to earn special rewards or embark on new quests. Rep can be increased by clearing quests that are aligned with the faction, killing particular creatures, or exploring dungeons. In some factions, players do not lose rep points. Some of the rival faction pairs in WoW are:

  • Aldor *Dranei) vs Scryers (Blood Elves)
  • Steamwheedle Cartel (Goblins) vs Bloodsail Buccaneers (pirates)
  • Ravenholdt (rogues) vs. Syndicate (Thugs)
  • The Oracles (Gorlocs) vs. Frenzyheart Tribe (Wolvar)

The lowest rep in WoW is Hated. Members who approach this rep are attacked on sight. The Brood of Nozdormu, Netherwing, Songs of Hodir, Therazane, and Syndicate factions are where players begin at the Hated rep level of 0/36000. The rep level above hated is Hostile. Players have around 3000 rep points.

Unfriendly is the next rep level—NPCs will refuse to talk, buy, sell, or trade with your character. Neutral is the next rep level. NPCs will not attack your character unless they are provoked first. Rep goes up to Friendly, Honored, Revered and all the way to Exalted.

Buy WoW Rep Boost!

Transform your low rep to a high one with our WoW rep boosts. With an Exalted reputation, players earn 20% discount on items. In some factions, players earn tabards which are a symbol of heroism. If players earn reputation with a Faction City, 25% of the rep will bleed over to the next-best city reputation.

Repeatable reputation quest (RRQ) are quests that one can do multiple times to boost reputation. In some RRQs players can earn reward, XP, or items after completion. Even then pretty difficult to achieve this. Some of the factions which allow RRQ include: Darnassus, Gnomeregan, Exodar, Tushui Pandaren, Darkspear Trolls, Orgrimmar and many others.

Even the greatest of players have experienced doing the same quests over and over. Our cheap WoW Rep boost will breeze you through the hard times and put you at the top. Boost Room works seamlessly and players rave about our high-quality, player-friendly service.

Why should I care about my Reputation anyway?

In the real world—but more importantly, the World of Warcraft realm, your Reputation defines you. You’ll gain favors and leverage throughout the game by completing quests or kills. Reputation helps players gauge how well they’re doing compared to others.

What does the Reputation Boosts do?

A higher rep means more favors and perks throughout the game. Playing the game over and over and over is a shot in the dark. Quite honestly, it doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing in the world.

With our WoW Rep boost, players can free up a lot of time and energy and guarantee a higher rep level in the end.  This boost is so convenient and ideal for WoW fans. You can either choose pilot mode or self-play mode. We know some players want to secure their login. Therefore, there’s an option to play the game yourself with the assist od our experienced boosters.

Why should I choose BoostRoom?

Firstly, our 24/7 support system is readily available to answer any questions you might have. Secondly, BoostRoom has a quick, affordable, and simple process so players don’t have to worry about mishaps. We also pride ourselves on our ability to deliver quickly. In addition, players trust us as a provider in game boosting services. Moreover, we have a team of expert players who are willing to help players master the game.

 Are you convinced yet? We understand better than anyone that Reputation can be lost, but is not easily gained. It takes hours and hours of trying and failing before most players see any sign of success. Rewrite your WoW story and also improve your Rep instantly with our Rep boost service. We also guarantee instant results!

Moreover, in the Battle of Azeroth, players have 8 Allied races to complete. In addition, this can take days on end. Finally, BoostRoom offers Rep boosting to save players time and money. Enjoy the game and win while doing so. There’s nowhere but up with our WoW rep boost service.

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