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WoW Battle of Dazaralor Carry

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The Alliance will start with a naval invasion at the docks of Dazar’alor, the moving up towards the pyramid, breaking through areas never explored before inside it, culminating with a fight against Rastakhan.

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The Horde are made aware of the attack on Zuldazar and join the battle, but not until after King Rastakhan has already died. At this point

The Alliance forces retreat back to the docks to leave via the Kul Tiran fleet. The Horde moves in to cut them off, but Jaina and Mekkatorque are able to hold them off.

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Jaina holds off Nathanos and his troops while Mekkatorque faces off with Gallywix. Jaina comes out of the fight badly wounded but alive, while Mekkatorque ends up frozen in ice. Both Jaina and Anduin attempt to free him, but are unable. Jaina even states the spell is unlike any she encountered before. However due to their actions, the Alliance forces are able to leave safely after their successful strike on the city.

When Sylvanas arrives, she offers her condolences to Talanji for the heavy losses the Zandalari suffered in the battle. After the fighting ends she swears that the Proudmoore family will pay dearly for the death of Rastakhan.

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