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Timewalking is an exciting event for high-level players in World of Warcraft. Players engage in weekly rotation of non-stop adventure by exploring the deepest and darkest dungeons and the notorious Black Temple. In an ongoing Timewalking Raid, players can earn 50% bonus on all reputation gains from quests and kills in combat.

Players have only a week to complete these events so we know you can’t afford to waste any time. Our Timewalking Raid boosts give players the VIP treatment. We have raid groups to work with players and clear raids instantly. Players can also choose to provide their account info and have one of our boosters play the game to conquer raids.

In Timewalking mode, WoW players can demonstrate their talents and skills, but their attributes of strengths, intellect, spirit, stamina, and agility have been scaled back. Explore Timewalking raid in the Black Temple with 10-30 players. Trigger the Timewalking raid by talking with a NPC in Shattrath City for Black Temple. For Timewalking Raid, players must be at level 71 or higher in Burning Crusade instances.

Weekly Quests:

  • A Burning Path Through Time
  • A Frozen Path Through Time
  • A Shattered Path Through Time
  • A Shrouded Path Through Time

After looting an item from the final boss in the timewalking dungeon, a second weekly quest is available. Players earn exclusive rewards upon completing the Timewalking dungeons. Timewalking is a great way to earn bonus rewards. Players will face off in one of six Timewalking dungeons:

  • Arcatraz Strategy Guide: Players can find this in a level 70 dungeon in Tempest Keep. High-level players can queue up for this instance.
  • Black Morass Strategy Guide: In the Caverns of Time, Tanaris Kalimdor high level players can solo or queue up for this instance. Players can earn many rewards including Seal of Fate.
  • Mana-Tombs Strategy Guide: In Auchindoun, high-level players can queue up for this instance.
  • Shattered Halls Strategy Guide: In Hellfire, Citadel players can queue up and earn the Seal of Inevitable Fate bonus roll.
  • Slave Pens Strategy Guide: Found in Coilfang Reservoir
  • Magisters’ Terrace: A 5-man instance on the Isle of Quel’Danas. Four bosses are involved: Selin Fireheart, Priestess Delrissa, Vexallus, and Kael’thas Sunstrider


The cool thing about Timewalking Bonus Events? The adventure never ends. There are 5 different events: The Burning Crusade, The Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor.


Who would want to miss out on such an exclusive offer? With our Timewalking Raid boosts, you get to be a part of an exciting event. Gamers have the choice of having our team of boosters play the game or being apart of the action themselves. Either way, this is a nice shot at being a part of something monumental. We know how much this game means to you, and we want you to have fun while playing.

Our boosts will clear Black Temple and kill all 9 bosses. Players will

Get on track to earn reputation and purchase limited edition mounts like the Cenarion War Hippograph. These events require a lot of attention and energy in order for players to maximize rewards. Improve your chances of dominating these limited edition events by securing our Timewalking raids boost. Earn exclusive items like music tolls, recipes, and even pets in timewalking.

Bring Illidan to his knees in the Black Temple timewalking raid. Become the hero in the week-long events by queuing up for dungeons. Timewalking is quite the challenge and as such, it offers high rewards. Players will earn endless loots which are scaled up, since things are a little bit more difficult.

In Timewalking dungeons, players earn the Timewarped Badge currency. This is pretty valuable reward and players can buy whatever items they wish. Killing bosses earn players 5 Timewarped badges. If you kill the final boss, the reward doubles to 10 Timewarped Badges. Completing the dungeon itself also rewards 10 badges. In Timewalking, players can maximize their rewards by completing quests to earn The Swirling Vial, The Moldering Ember (100), The Unstable Prism(50W) and many more.

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