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Race to glory with the World of Warcraft Heritage Armor sets. In each Allied Race, players  can unlock and gain Heritage Armor sets. From levels 10 through 50, players earn Heritage Armor sets in Allied Races. Boost Room provides booster services for the Allied Races Heritage armor so players can progress to level 50. Make it happen in the blink of an eye with our power level boosting service.


General Overview

Each Heritage Armor set is unique and requires a lot of heavy lifting. Players earn the Dark Iron Dwarf Heritage Armor Set upon reaching level 50. Earn the Dark Iron Heritage Armor and the Heritage of the Dark Iron Feat of Strength in no time. It is difficult for players who try to achieve this feat solo. With our help, you can transform your hopes into your reality. The Highmountain Tauren Set can be earned at level 50 as well. Players will get the Heritage of Highmountain Feat of Strength and Highmountain Armor Set.

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High-Quality Heritage Armor Set Boosting Services

We offer boosting services for all Allied races:

Kul Tiran Human Set

  • Heritage of the Kul Tiran Feat of Strength
  • Kul Tiran Armor Set

Lightforged Draenei Set

  • Player level must be 50
  • Players receive:

the Heritage of the Lightforged Feat of Strength

Lightforged Armor Set

Mag’har Orc Set

  • Player level 50required
  • Heritage of the Mag’har Feat of Strength

Mechagnome H.A. Set

  • At player level 50
  • Earn the Heritage of the Mechagnome Feat of Strength
  • Mechagnome Armor Set

Nightborne Heritage Armor Set

  • Reach level 50 on the Nightborne Allied Race
  • Earn Heritage of the Nightborne and Shal’dorei 

Void Elf H.A. Set

Reach player level 50 on Void Elf Allied Race

  • Earn the Void Feat of Strength
  • Ren’dorei 

Vulpera Heritage Armor Set

Get to level 50 in the Vulpera Allied Race

  • Receive the Vulpera Feat of Strength and Vulpera 

Zandalari Troll H.A. Set

  • Earn the Heritage of the Zandalari Feat of Strength
  • Zandalari 

Choose the desired number of Allied races you need to unlock the Heritage Armor Set.

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We also check all of the boxes to unlock the Heritage Armor Set for players. In addition, our boosters have a sixth sense for this game. Moreover, with our service, players can instantly rack up rewards and earn achievements.

Deep dive into the Allied races and come out strong with our WoW H.A. set.  Also, with each expansion, the stakes are even higher. Moreover, with our boosting service, players are guaranteed leveling with the chosen race. Delivery is also done within days to save players the worry of falling behind. With our game boosters , we honor players’ information and make it so they have fun in the process.

Boosting will also be done by hand and character will get to level 50. In addition, rewards are based on the allied race. If you choose Void Elf Heritage, Zandalari Heritage, Vulpera or even Kul Tiran, our boosters guarantee your rewards. Moreover, BoostRoom offers a neat way for players to level up. In Heritage of Armor, players must go on the ultimate adventure. We are here for you with every step of the raid, dungeon, or quest.


Why BoostRoom?

Allied Races (Heritage Armor Set) are also a hidden gem in the World of Warcraft.  In addition, it takes great skill to unlock and pursue them. In Allied Races, players can also dive into their characters more and discover racial abilities. With each race, there is also an achievement to be unlocked. Moreover, horde players can recruit from the Orgimmar Embassy. Alliance players can also recruit from the Stormwind Embassy. Additionally, all of this is simplified with the WoW Heritage of Armor boost we provide. Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and rack up skills and rewards galore.

Our boosting services are also proven to improve player standing. Moreover, we put the excitement back in the game and teach neat tricks along the way. Choose Boost Room and also explore our catalog of World of Warcraft game boosts. Finally, the only thing standing between you and victory is your hesitation. Preserve your time and energy.

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