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Reinventing yourself has never been easier than it is with the WoW Transmogrification feature. If you do not like an item’s appearance, you literally have the power to change in. Transmogging defies the norm. Players are awarded the chance to improve on items they collect throughout the game. Transmogrification was introduced in Patch 4.3.0. Players got the chance to transform the look of weapons at no cost. Players enjoy revamping items to fit their desired look. With transmogging, players can change the item’s color scheme.

In Shadowlands level 1-9, characters are limited to Vanilla appearances. Beyond that (level 10-48), players can transmog gear with appearances for Battle for Azeroth! In transmogging, players can mix and match item details. In Battle for Azeroth, artifact weapons are eligible for transmogrification.

FAQs Transmogrification

What makes an item selected for transmog?

Firstly, relevant items to a player’s class are added to their Appearances collection. Soulbound items are added to Appearance collection by default. Secondly, it costs gold to transmog an item. However, it is free to revert it. Hiding an armor also comes at no cost.


Can I transmog different items together?

Transmogging also has restrictions. Moreover, armors must be the same type and weapons must have the same attack type. Buy WoW Transmog Carry from us today; there are no restrictions when it comes to shopping here!


Where do I find items I can transmog?

Firstly, players can find items from any source in the game. This also includes raids, world quests, and many more. Moreover, raids are a convenient means of transmogging items. In addition, items obtained in raids can be transformed to player’s liking. Auction houses are also a great source for items.

You can also view transmog items by visiting special NPCs.


Where can players transmogrify gear?

Horde members (Transmog Carry) :

  • Warpweaver Dushar in the Drag in Orgimmar.
  • Warpw. Shafiee in the Shrine of the Two Moons
  • Warpweaver Jasor in Warspear
  • Warpw. Farshlah in Frostwall

Alliance members (Transmog Carry) :

  • Warpweaver Hashom in the Three Winds (Stormwind)
  • Warpw. Ramahesh in the Shrine of Seven Stars
  • Warpweaver Shal in Stormshield
  • Warpw. Tuviss in Lunarfall

Neutral members (Transmog Carry) :

  • Warpweaver Tuviss in Dalarn
  • The Grand Expedition Yak

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