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This guide’s purpose is to help you level from 110 to 120 as quickly as possible, for people who want to level quickly on their first character. Many of the items listed on this guide may seem a bit extreme, and may not be recommended for alts because of their sheer value. This guide also considers you have no previous leveling experience on the Battle for Azeroth beta.  Check our boost offers and purchase WoW leveling carry.

This list is based by personal preference and experience from leveling on Beta. Those are highly subjective and if a zone appeals better to you, by all means, follow whatever order suits you best!

The most efficient zone order for Alliance is Drustvar > Tiragarde Sound > Stormsong Valley.
The most efficient zone order for Horde is Vol’dun > Zuldazar > Nazmir.
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Drustvar and Vol’dun are considered the harder zones, due to quests there overall requiring more grinding and being easier to do while you’re still wearing Legion gear. Once your stats start dropping considerably, the harder zones will be out of the way. Nazmir and Stormsong Valley are much less grindy and should be done as the final step for your leveling. These suggestions can also be used for what order you could build your War Campaign footholds.

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Power Leveling

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