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In World of Warcraft’s history, some of the most interesting and controversial moments have been the addition of new races. Up until Battle for Azeroth. Races would enter the game with the start of an expansion. Players would work their way up from level 1 in a race-specific starting zone that told the story of their people. Allied Races, a new addition, have dealt with factions and races we’ve helped or met in the past. These characters start at level 20, and currently work as an endgame reward for longtime players. These Allied Races have joined both the Horde and the Alliance. They are standing with their new faction against the enemy of the other side.

The Allied Races experiment in World of Warcraft has had its hiccups, including the delay of Zandalari and Kul Tiran characters until Patch 8.1.5; despite that. There’s a strong sense of anticipation that comes along with this new system. We don’t have to wait for expansions anymore, and so there’s a sense that anyone could join any faction. The Vulpera have a lot of neat customization options — will they join the Horde? If so, do the Alliance get the Sethrak?

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With all of the excitement over new Allied races, I took the opportunity to revisit two of the original additions. The Nightborne and the Void Elves. These two races are, for various reasons, the most controversial of the original additions. I was joined by Steve Burke, senior designer, and Steve Danuser, senior narrative designer, to discuss these two factions and their additions to the Battle for Azeroth.

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