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Proving Grounds presents players with the chance to learn and show off core skills from their role or class. How much damage can you inflict on the opponent? How long can a tank protect NPC healers from incoming threat? These are just a few questions that arise in Proving Grounds in the World of Warcraft. Proving Grounds is designed to give players a chance to engage in thorough practice and hone their skills. World of Warcraft demands specific skillsets that players need to navigate the game. Expert players get a chance to shine and show off mastery to gain positions atop the leaderboard.


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With the Endless Damage (Wave 30), players can earn the “Proven Assailant” title. Our Proving Ground boosts guarantees to complete all waves. This will be done in record timing and without hassle. Most players have difficulty holding their own. Thanks to our boosting service, you no longer have to struggle. Boost Room is known for proving effective service and support to World of Warcraft players.


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Damage, Tank, and Healer are the three types of challenge in Proving Grounds. Challenges can take Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Endless mode difficulty. Higher difficulty levels demand more complex sequences to take down the enemy. Are you ready for the test of fate?  In Endless mode, things go on forever. How long can players last in the onslaught? Players who have earned at minimum level 15 can access Proving Grounds. To advance beyond Bronze difficulty, players need to be at level 100+.


How do I arrive at Proving Grounds?

Speak to Trial Master Rotun in the Temple of the White Tiger in Kun-Lai Summit.


How can I prepare for combat once inside? 

Help yourself to food or drink and repair any items if necessary. Also, tweak your talents to your liking.


Trials are different for damage-dealers, tanks, and healers. Each group has four ranks: bronze, silver, gold, and endless. Defeat the lower-ranked trials to advance to the higher-ranked ones. In Basic Damage, there are five waves:


  • Small, Large, and Huge Illusionary Slayer
  • Small Illusionary Guardian
  • Small and Large Illusionary Varmint

In Basic Damage (Silver):

  • Small and Large Illusionary Amber-Weaver
  • Small and Large Illusionary Mystic
  • Large Illusionary Guardian

Basic Damage (Gold):

  • Small and Large Illusionary Banana-Tosser
  • Small and Large Illusionary Banshee
  • Small and Large Illusionary Sha

Basic Damage (Endless): Test your skills in all of one minute. Do you have what it takes to conquer each wave? You get a mere 15-second break after the 10th wave.


Basic Tank (Bronze):

  • Small and Large Illusionary Ripper
  • Small and Large Illusionary Forager

Basic Tank (Silver):

  • Small and Large Illusionary Flamecaller
  • Small and Large Illusionary Wind-Guard

Basic Tank (Gold):

  • Small and Large Illusionary Ambusher
  • Small and Large Illusionary Conqueror

Basic Tank (Endless): One minute: That’s all the time you have to beat each wave. Take a 15-second break after the 10th wave.


Basic Healer (Bronze):

  • Small and Large Illusionary Ripper
  • Small and Large Illusionary Hive Singer

Basic Healer (Silver):

  • Small and Large Illusionary Flamecaller
  • Small and Large Illusionary Aqualyte


Basic Healer (Gold):

  • Small and Large Illusionary Tunneler
  • Small and Large Illusionary Conqueror

Basic Healer (Endless): Prove your skills in one minute. You have only a minute to beat each wave with a 15-sec break after the 10th wave.

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