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The Brawler’s Guild is the World of Warcraft organization that engages in gladiator-esque combat. Entrance is granted to both Alliance and Horde players since it is a neutral atmosphere. The fights follow the PvE strategy and requires solo efforts to defeat opponents. As you would think, players must find new and creative ways to outsmart the enemy and claim victory. The Brawler’s Guild is kind of a big deal. Entry is invitation-only and players can find said invitation at the Black Market Auction House. The Blood Soaked Invitation binds on pick up and is earned once players complete Legion dungeon. WoW Brawlers Guild!

Arrive at Rank 7 in Bizmo’s Brawlpub or Brawl’gar Arena to earn the Brawler’s Pass. This pass can also be traded across players and used to access the Brawler’s Guild. Once you are there, you’d should prepare to fight. Horde players should also speak to one of the bouncers at Bizmo’s Brawlpub Alliance players should speak to the bounded at the Brawl’gar Arena. Moreover, you can queue up to be teleported to the arena floor. Two minutes of glory—will you survive?WoW Brawlers Guild also demands your A-game.


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