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There is one clear cut goal in venturing on Island Expeditions: to obtain Azerite. Island Expeditions are 3-player scenarios in the Battle for Azeroth. Players can also decide their strategy to source the substance. The island ahead also has enemies lurking on every square inch—players must beware. In addition, each kill; loot; or event completion loads Azerite onto the ship. Moreover, in Island Expeditions, you are exploring uncharted territory. Additionally, there is much unknown about the location, so you can prepare for danger. In World of Warcraft, things are also always changing, and most players get stuck in trying to keep up. Don’t get stuck in a routine, redeem yourself with the WoW Island Expedition boost.

Snowblossom Village and Crestfall are new islands you can also find in the Rise of Azshara. New islands mean new and exotic creatures. Moreover, the impact of damage is significantly lower for more difficult islands. In addition, begin your Island Expedition in Boralus Harbor or the Port of Zandalar. Each week, players will also be given 3 islands. You can also decode your difficulty level in the Island Expeditions. The difficulty ranges from Normal, Heroic to Mythic, and PvP.

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New islands mean new and exotic creatures. The impact of damage is lower for more difficult islands. Begin your Island Expedition in Boralus Harbor or the Port of Zandalar. Each week, players will be given 3 islands. You can decode your difficulty level in the Island Exp. The difficult ranges from Normal, Heroic to Mythic, and PvP. Alliance and Horde players embark on quests to earn 36,000 Azerite. On the Island Expedition map, players can track their progress. On average, winning 6 weekly Island Expeditions can earn 36,000 Azerite.

The moral of the story is that you can earn Azerite for matches you lose. Players have a short period of time to prepare for battle. Once the adventure begins; explore every inch of the island; and gather as much Azerite as possible. In Island Exp, there are special features like Shrines and Seafarer’s Dubloons. Shrines can be either rewarding or dangerous. Buy WoW island Expedition Boost today!

General Overview & Information

Some of the shrines in the Island Expedition include:

  • Altar of the Sea
  • Cursed Offering
  • Death Ward
  • Deep woods Totem

Seafarer’s Dubloons are the money that can be looted for items in Island Exp. Players can either earn them at the end of Islands or found randomly along the way. In Normal difficulty, choosing to farm these is also a practical method. Some Seafarer’s Dubloons are: Grapeshot Grenade, Blessed Bandage, Bloom Shroom.

Moreover, the Island Exp is just in time to assist you with this mission. In addition, it helps to play It also helps to play like this to improve your odds of success. Secondly, choose pilot or self-play mode to determine your method. We also provide up to 4x weekly subscriptions at an incredibly low price. There is also no reason to hesitate when it comes to our elite boosting services. BoostRoom is also known for delivering great results in record time. Players marvel at our skill and approach in gaming. We have a team of professionals ready to help you.

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Winning is the mission in Island Exp. Players only have 45 seconds to prepare before the actual race starts.  You can roam around on the map to see the locations where Azerite may be located. Gaining Azerite for your team can be obtained in one of many ways:

  • Killing any creatures
  • Mining Azerite/unlocking chests
  • Completing bonus objectives
  • Killing the other faction

Each team is able to track its Azerite gain in the chat. Azerite reward depends on the strength of the enemy defeated. As expected, rare and NPCs are worth more Azerite rewards than common NPCs. With 11 islands to explore, players have a world awaiting them. WoW Island Expedition Boost includes:

  • Molten Cay
  • Dread Chain
  • Skittering Hollow
  • Rotting Mire
  • Verdant Wilds
  • Ungol Ruins 
  • Havenswood
  • Jorundall
  • Crestfall
  • Snowblossom Village

Three islands are also available per week. Finally, you decide where you will go in the Island of Expeditions.

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