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We all have a history—our collection of stories, norms, and values are what makes us unique. In World of Warcraft, players earn armor sets unique to their species. Amor sets can be unlocked in Allied Races. Core races unlock armor sets at the Exalted Reputation level status.

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In Allied Races, some of the sets include:


A Heritage of the Ren’dorei        Heritage of the Lightforged

Heritage of the Dark Iron         Heritage of the Kul’Tirans

A Heritage of the Mechagnome   Heritage of the Shal’dorei

Heritage of Highmountain       Heritage of the Mag’har

A Heritage of the Zandalari          Heritage of the Vulpera


With the Allied Race Heritage Armor boost, players also give homage to their background. Moreover, you can boost the Allied Race to earn armor sets for your face. Whether you are a Nightborne, Lightforged Draenei, Vulpera…it does not matter. In addition, we cater to all player characters the World of Warcraft. There are no limits to greatness with the WoW Heritage Armor boost service. Players can also opt for the Heritage armor set as part of the boosting service. We offer great discounts and quality service to ensure players can access what they need to succeed.


General WoW Heritage Armor Races & Sets Overview!



Void elf (ren’dorei) is a playable Alliance race in World of Warcraft. First introduced in Legion, these were blood elves who were transformed by the void. They prefer to ride the voidstrider mount to get around. They are comfortable speaking Thalassian but can also speak Common.

Lightforged draenei are also an Alliance race in the World of Warcraft. Their bodies are also laced with the essence of the Holy Light. Moreover, they ride elekk mounts which are typically lightforged as well. They speak the language they are named after and can also speak Common.

Dark Iron dwarves are also an Alliance race. They were first introduced in the Battle for Azeroth.  They have also fought the Alliance and Horde under the command of the evil forces.

Kul Tiran is a breed from Battle for Azeroth expansion. They also hail from the island of Kul Tiras. Moreover, they tend to ride horses and speak the Common language as humans do.

Mechagnome: a group of gnomes who settled in Mechagon Island. They can enhance their bodies with steel. They tend to ride Mechanostrider mounts and speak Gnomish as their main language. Also, they know Common like most races

Nightborne (shal’dorei): a group of night elves who voluntarily sealed themselves from the world in the Burning Legion’s first attack on Azeroth. They begin in the capital city of Suramar. They ride manasabers and speak the unique Shalassian language. They’ve also gained the ability to speak Orcish. Buy WoW Heritage Armor of the Alliance faction today!



Highmountain tauren: There are also four tribes: Highmountain, Rivermane, Skyhorn, and Bloodtotem. They originate from the Broken Isle. Their mount of preference is the moose. They can speak Taur-ahe and Orcish.

Mag’har orc: They were first introduced in Battle for Azeroth. They settled after the events of Hellfire Citadel. The Iron Horde and Frostwolf clan united and formed one to become the “Mag’har”. They prefer to rid e wolves and speak Orcish as main language.

Zandalari troll: They are the originators of all trollkind. They rule an ancient, powerful empire. Also, they prefer to ride the Direhorn and speak the Zandali language. Moreover, they also speak Orcish as a secondary language.

Vulpera: They are desert-faring people native to the island of Vol’dun. They speak Vulpera as a main language and Orcish as the secondary language. Buy WoW Heritage Armor of the Horde faction today!


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