WoW Heart of Azeroth Boost

WoW Heart of Azeroth boost!

The Heart of Azeroth is special for too many reasons to count. Aside from its ability to unlock Azerite, it unlocks the ability to use Essences. We know that Essence grants players additional abilities. The mystical and elusive Azeroth is in a longstanding war with Sargeras. Sargeras had plotted to declare grim war on Azeroth by driving a stake headfirst in the core of the planet. Sargeras’ sword has obliterated the land of Silithius, tainting the planet’s surface. Now, Azeroth is wasting away and in need of a hero to recover the wound before it is too late. You can become that hero by buying our WoW Heart of Azeroth Boost!

Azeroth needs a hero to restore the land. Securing the Heart of Azeroth means clearing the Battle for Azeroth. Magni Bronzebeard will gift only the most trusted of heroes the Herat of Azeroth medallion.  The Heart of Azeroth possesses the ability to absorb the Azerite which bleeds from the planet’s surface. The Heart of Azeroth is gained from quests for levels 110-120. When players first get the Heart of Azeroth, they receive an ilvl 280 gear. Players are granted artifact power which earns them +2 Item levels.


WoW Heart of Azeroth Boost Overview

In Battle for Azeroth, Azerite is awarded for pretty much all activities. Quests, killing rares, raids dungeons, raids, are a few of the adventures which yield Azerite. Completing a dungeon on normal terms earns 50 Azerite.  Normal Dungeon Final boss awards 15 Azerite. Normal first-time daily bonus is 100 Azerite. These are just a few of the many rewards players can earn.  Increase your standing with the Heart of Azeroth.

Boost Room is your one stop shop for World of Warcraft boosting services. The Heart of Azeroth is a chameleon. In Battle for Azeroth, helm, shoulder, and chest items are all laced with Azerite. Instantly level up with the Heart of Azeroth ilvl boost.  The prized Heart of Azeroth is undoubtedly one of the most powerful objects in the World of Warcraft. We know that with great power comes great responsibility.

With the Heart of Azeroth boost, we clear the laundry list of things you have to do. We clear all questlines to get you closer to the Heart of Azeroth. What if you could hold the world in the palm of your hands? Around your neck?  Does it get more powerful than this? Empower yourself and leap forward with the potent Heart of Azeroth. With the Heart of Azeroth, you are invincible. Finally, you can buy our WoW Heart of Azeroth boost to help yourself out!


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Prepare to also increase your Azerite supply and secure extra items with the WoW Heart of Azerite boost. In addition, you can become the hero the world needs and do not look back. You will also glide to a sweeping victory with ease. Moreover, leveling up has never been more important. A higher level also means more rewards and notoriety. Moreover, do you not want to leave a legacy? Buy our WoW Heart of Azeroth Boost today!

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