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Step foot inside the Black Market Auction House to gain hard to find items. You can find the Black Market near the Tavern of the Mists on the Veiled Star of Pandaria. Items in the Black Market Auction House are limited edition. You can get them for only a day and then they disappear. The Black Market Auction starts mount bidding at 20,000 gold, companion bid starts from 1 to 20,00.  Vanity or miscellaneous items start between 10,000 and 15,000 gold.  Madam Goya controls the Black Market Auction House. In Draenor, you can find the BMAH in Ring of Blood. Here players have access to more glamorous items that are worth a fortune.

Items in the Black Market Auction House are generated by NPC. As you would imagine, these are few and far between. Players must act fast to get their hands on one-of-a kind items. The item drops include rare items that were unobtainable prior. The items that were unobtainable prior. The items available in supply are based on the geographic realm. This means that for each realm, there will be unique items available for bidding. There are so many valuables players can acquire from these auctions.


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It is not often that items appear for sale in the Black Market Auction House. Items like the Dreamwalker Raiment, Cryptstalker Armor, Frostfire Regalia are a few of the equipment players have a chance at securing. Some of the rare drops include Parrot Cage, Captured Firefly, Cat Carrier (Black Tabby).   Rare mounts may also drop, and these include Ashes of Al’ar, Invincible Reins, and Kor’kron Juggernaut. There is potential to earn a diverse set of items—anything from equipment to skills. Players can earn tailoring, blacksmithing, and leatherworking recipes. There are no limits in the Black Market Auction House.


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It takes energy and effort to obtain these elusive items. Trading Card Games (TCG) can be used to secure rare mounts. Some mounts are BMAH-only—you can imagine how coveted these are.   Razzashi, Swift Zulian Tiger, Reins of the Plagued Proto-Drake, and Core Hound Chain are BMAH-only mounts.


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