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Fortnite win carry

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Winning a match of Fortnite is no mean feat. You’ll need mastery of the early game, a touch of luck and enough building experience to survive the tough endgame phase. As the clock ticks down and player count drops along with it.

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Survive the rush at the beginning, bag some kills in the mid-game and it’ll be time to face the final ten. This is where things become far more intense, as the energy field constricts ever-tighter and each player is increasingly aware of the others’ positions. Many players struggle with the sudden change in pace here, as it almost becomes an entirely different game altogether. Forts are constructed, scopes are readied and those who dare win.

Of course, it’s also a challenge getting to a top ten situation. All in all, Battle Royale is a challenge. To help you out, we’ve put together a number of tips and tricks which’ll help you best prepare for.

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