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In all honesty, this depends on yourself. Yes there is a general basis towards how many kills is a lot by the community but this all depends on how many you really think is a lot. The reason is, that a lot comes to personal preference on the level that you are at. If you’re starting out a few kills may be a lot for you like 2–3 and that’s fine.

But if you are averaging 5–6 kills a game that is a lot as well as long as that is what you feel is a lot. I’ve played a lot of games and gotten better at it so 5–6 kills to me is a low count and I know I could get more. For me because I find myself an average player 10+ is a great count and it shows my improvement but even though I find that number high right now, the more I play and the better I get, that number will eventually become a low count.

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If you look at streamers and players of the game that are REALLY good you’ll see that 10–15 kills is actually low for them. They try to average around 20 a game which is their standard which is crazy but because they are so good that is there “alright” game.

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