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Battle Stars are the units of progress. Therefore are used to advanced the tiers that you’ll find in the new Battle Pass.

It can all seem a little bit confusing at first, so here’s a very simplistic breakdown of how it all works. You are rewarded with Battle Stars as you increase your season level. Every time you level up in a season, you’ll gain one Battle Star. When you hit five-level milestones, you’ll receive five bonus Battle Stars.

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When you hit ten-level milestones, you’ll receive ten bonus Battle Stars. Keep in mind as you’re doing this that there are two Battle Pass: the free one and the premium one.

The free version has only a limited number of cosmetic items for you to unlock across the entire season. Premium paid-for pass contains many, many more items.

If you buy the premium pass later on in the season, your progress from the free model is applied to the paid-for plan. That means you’ll get all the additional rewards that you would have unlocked if you’d signed up at the very start.

At a certain tier in the Battle Pass you unlock an XP Boost, which speeds up your rise through the seasonal ranks. This increases the rate at which you earn Battle Stars, and so on. It becomes a virtuous circle of progress in that regard.

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