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For those coming from the original Destiny, your Power Level is essentially the new name for Light Level, though it is now a number that is visible and worth working on as soon as you start the game. If you need leveling service make sure to buy Destiny 2 boost.

Whether you forgot the ins and outs of the system, or are completely new to Destiny in general, here’s how it works.

There are two numbers associated with how powerful your Guardian is on the gear screen – Experience Level and Power Level. Everything you do in Destiny 2 – completing missions, Patrol activities, killing monsters – gives you XP, and at a certain point, you will hit the experience level cap of 20. (Or for those with Curse of Osiris – level 25, and level 30 for Warmind).

Loot rarity works the same as the original – White is most common, followed by Green, Blue, Purple and Gold.
There is also a large number on the right, which is your Power level. This second rank takes into account the average ‘Power level’ of all your currently equipped weapons and armour.

So if your experience level is too low to progress or equip something, get XP. This is thankfully really simple – just play the game. Killing enemies and completing story missions is the easiest way to do this, and if you’re stuck, complete the game’s many planetary activities (such as Lost Sectors, Public Events) until it goes up.

Either way, you should hit experience level 20 by the time you complete the game’s core set of story missions, and 30 by the time you’re done with Warmind. Once you hit the cap you can still earn XP, with each ‘level up’ giving you a Bright Engram. But you should worry less about XP in general – as this is when your Power level really matters.

Why Power level is important and what activities require what Power level.
Not only does increasing your Power Level make your attack and defensive abilities better, but it also opens the door to new activities.

Here’s a list of the most prominent activities that require specific Power levels:

Vanguard Strike Playlist – 140 Power Level
End-game planetary story missions – 200 on Nessus, 220 on Titan, 240 on Io, 260 on EDZ
Trials of the Nine – 260 Power Level
Nightfall Strike – 270 Power Level
Leviathan Raid / Raid Lair – 300 Power Level
Prestige Raid – 300 Power Level
Prestige Raid Lair – 330 Power Level
Heroic Strikes – 350 Power Level (was 270 pre-Warmind)
Prestige Nightfall – 360 Power Level (300 pre-Warmind)
Spire of Stars Raid Lair – 370 Power Level
Escalation Protocol – 380 Power Level

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