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Mabinogi Market

The Mabinogi universe challenges players to display style, strength, and skill. Mabinogi is a massive online roleplaying game where characters live in “Seasons “ and “Generations”. In these scenarios, players are introduced to new surroundings, skills, pets and storylines. In the Mabinogi universe, players can level up to any skill desired. Players aren’t limited by class and can use their skill to boost their standing in the game. In Mabinogi, user titles are all the rage. Titles come with each achievement you earn. Collect items and perform challenging tasks to earn titles. Tasks range from amateur difficulty to successfully completing quests. Earning titles can boost your character stats. In the Mabinogi market (marketplace), titles are also applied to pets. P.S. Other marketplaces and services that we’re offering can be found on the link here.

Mabinogi also demands sheer skill and player technique. To learn and also improve skills, players need Ability Points (AP). Furthermore, socialize in Mabinogi to boost user interaction. Start a campfire, play music, strike up a talk, or also share food to interact with other players in the game. In the Mabinogi world, the three main continents are: Uladh, Belfast, and Iris. Humans start in Uladh, Elves and Giants in Iria. 


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Combat is a core feature in Mabinogi. Players must show their skills to attack the enemy. Players must also use their judgment to launch timely and hard-hitting attacks. Mabinogi players can also use swords, shields, and other weapons to strike out the memory. Also you can mix and match your combat styles to deal serious damage. Dying means losing experience points. Players can revive each other or by in-game NPCs.

Moreover, you should buckle up for many quests and adventures ahead. Some quests also involve hunting and others collecting items. In addition, players must complete specifics at a certain level to unlock quests. We put quests within an arm’s reach. Level up with our Mabinogi marketplace boosts. In the Mabinogi market, players can buy quest scrolls to access particular quests. We make these quests possible in the blink of an eye.

Completing quests also equals earning big rewards. Earn experience points, ability points or even gold for your hard work. BoostRoom also offers a collection of items from the Mabinogi market to fuel your efforts. Go on Exploration quests to find hidden objects. Completing these adventures lead to a level increase. Rack up valuable items in the Mabinogi market by going the extra mile.


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Each character gets the chance to hone their skills. Some skills are inherent based on race but also many can be learned. Skills are as follows: Life, Combat, Magic, Alchemy, Fighter, Music, Puppeteer, Dual Gunner, and Ninja. Use our market place to boost each skill!

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