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Year-round, 24/7 Open for business Lineage 2 Market (Marketplace)! Shop seamlessly and ease your path to Lineage 2 glory! Get ready to immerse yourself in the Lineage II universe. Lineage II is a multiplayer online game from the Lineage series. Players start by creating a character, choosing the race and physical traits. Each player also must begin in a temple located in their character’s race zone. In Lineage II, Humans start in Talking Island, Dark Elves in “The Shilen Temple”. Combat is a core part of the Lineage II universe. Players must fight to defeat monsters and claim the ultimate victory.

Defeating monsters in the game means earning more XP. Want to level up and gain new skills? Fight to the death to claim your rewards. In Lineage II, players can also fight using a PvP system. Moreover, the game is highly competitive and challenges players to show grit throughout. Lineage 2 Market will help you do just that!

When players die, they can resurrect in a nearby village or town. Other Lineage II players can resurrect another using a Resurrection scroll or spell. Resurrection comes at a price—players can also use their XP to come alive in the nearest town or village. P.S. you can check out our other services other than Lineage 2 Market by clicking here.


Lineage 2 Market Overview

Lineage II is set in plots known as “Sagas.” “The Chaotic Chronicle”, “The Chaotic Throne”, and “Goddess of Destruction”, and “Episode” are the four sagas that exhort. Furthermore, each saga has a unique plot line and elements. The Lineage II market features various characters to choose from. Players can have as much as 7 characters per account.

Humans, Elves, Dark Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, Kamael, and also Ertheia are the seven races in Lineage IU. In addition, Humans are well-balanced. Elves are strong and also agile. In addition, Dark Elves have high magic and melee attack abilities. Orcs have high hit points (HP) and slow movements. Dwarves are crafty and powerful with melee attacks. Kamael are winged creatures and Ertheia are female warriors. Lineage 2 Market will assist you in your journey!

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