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Covenants Assaults

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Covenants Assaults Boost

Covenant Assault is an event that awards the player with numerous things required to strengthen the character and advance further into the game. In order to start working on the assaults, one would need to unlock them first. This can be done by completing first 2 chapters of the Chains of Domination storyline. After completing the second chapter and picking up the A Unified Effort quest, the assaults will spawn. However, completing the assaults is no easy task. Something similar to Minor Visions of Nzoth, Covenant Assaults are crawling with powerful enemies only the most skillful players can defeat. If you don't have the time, gear nor the teammates necessary to beat the opponents, contact us immediately. We have a solution for you! Buy WoW Covenants Assaults Boosting Service.

We'll see to it that enemies within the assaults are no more. We'll not only clear the assault, but do so within the record amount of time and for the cheapest price around. Furthermore, in addition to assaults, we have other services that you can check out by clicking on the link here. Covenants Assaults Boost or any other boosting service is here for the taking! All you need to do is place the order, we'll do the rest!

Covenants Assaults Boost Overview & Rewards

During each Assault, each player will need to finish four quests provided by the Covenant. Once all the quests are fully complete, a final event starts, taking you to the boss of the Mawsworn. Once you reach the final boss, all you need to do is defeat him, and this will complete the assault! By completing the assault, players are awarded with the following:

  • Stygia 
  • Soul Cinders
  • Korthite Crystal 
  • Reputation with Deaths Advance and Archivists  
  • Chance to get Korthian Gear Codex 

If you don't feel like going through the motion, killing all the mobs by yourself, contact us. We are online 24/7 and ready to tackle anything you throw at us. Whether you decide to buy our Covenants Assaults Boosting Service, or any other service; you can only expect the utmost perfection and high-quality boosting service. If you have any further questions about this, or anything else, make sure to contact us via our live chat. Our customer support agents will clarify any uncertainty that you may have in your mind! Covenants Assaults Boost

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