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LoL Power Leveling the Account


What does it mean to get a LoL Power Level Account Boosting Service?

There are multiple reasons why one would like to have a higher level account. The rewards that are now obtainable past level 30 are one reason. However, the ultimate reason would be to gain ranked matches eligibility. Not being able to play ranked games due to missing a couple of levels can be rather annoying. However, we've come up with a perfect service just for the likes of those who end up in a similar situation. In case you don't have the time nor will to keep on grinding, use us to your advantage. If you're really looking to save yourself from all the hassle of having to play normal games, we've got you. Make sure to buy LoL Power Leveling service and rid yourself of tedious repetitive non-rewarding games.


Account Leveling Benefits & Rewards

Alongside unlocking the ability to play ranked games, there are several other rewards that a player gets as he levels up his account. League of Legends developers finally decided to remove the level 30 cap that was around for quite a while. By removing the level cap, they've opened up a path that leads to numerous rewards and possibilities. We've put together a list of the milestone rewards worth noting to depict just how rewarding the system is. A list to show you what you can receive if you decide to go for our LoL Power Leveling Service. The list is as follows (levels are shown on the left side):


  • 100 - Glorious Legend Ward Skin, Summoner Icon Border & Legend 4 Emote
  • 200 - One Gemstone, Legend 8 Emote, Summoner Icon Border
  • 300 - Another Gemstone, Legend 12 Emote, and an upgraded Summoner Icon Border
  • 400 - Legend 16 Emote, Icon Border & a Gemstone
  • 500 - L. 20 Emote, Gemstone, and a Summoner Icon Border

After you've hit level 500, each and every 50th level milestone will reward you with another gemstone. Bear in mind that each one of the reward milestones, as well as every single 10th level you hit rewards you with a Glorious Champion Capsule past level 50. And on the other hand, every level past level 30 up until 50 grants you one Champion Capsule. Levels 40 and 50 are an exception, Glorious Champion Capsules are the Capsules that you receive once you hit those levels. These are just some of the benefits and winnings of getting our LoL Power Leveling Service. If you are interested in something other than LoL Power Leveling, please, do keep on reading.


League of Legends Services other than Leveling

Finally, if you might need help with any other challenge League of Legends has thrown at you, check this out. We are offering not only LoL Power Leveling, but also several other services that can greatly help you advance within the game. The following list shows just some of the many services that we provide. And, by clicking on each one of them, we will show you just what exactly the services are all about.


We went the extra mile and fetched the most important information on how to level up as efficiently as possible. You can check that out by clicking here. In addition, anything you need to know about the leveling part itself can be found by clicking here.

If you end up straying from the path and need help navigating back on track, please, reach out to us on the live chat. We are here for you 24/7!

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