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GW2 Frostfang For Sale

Explore the icy majesty of the Shiverpeaks with GW2 Frostfang, now available at our top-rated service platform. When you choose to buy this legendary axe from us, you're not just purchasing a weapon, but a piece of Guild Wars 2 history. This isn't just any item for sale; it's a testament to bravery, a visual spectacle, and a game-changing addition to your arsenal. Our service guarantees you the best deal, ensuring you can acquire this powerful item at an unbeatably cheap price. Don't wait, seize the opportunity to enhance your Guild Wars 2 gameplay with Frostfang today!

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Frostfang: The Chilled Might of Jormag

Wield the power of the Far Shiverpeaks with Frostfang, an axe imbued with icy majesty and dragon-like intensity. Carved into the visage of a dragon's head, this axe isn't just a weapon but a tale of courage and endurance frozen in time. When drawn, the dragon's mouth chatters, breathing frosty breath into the battlefield, a chilling spectacle to behold.

Aura and Effects

Wielding Frostfang isn't for the faint-hearted; it's for the warriors who dare to embrace the icy touch of Jormag. The arm clutching Frostfang becomes encased in a block of frost and ice, emitting a misty vapor that personifies the frigid might of the Far Shiverpeaks.

Draw/Stow Effects

Drawing Frostfang is like summoning the cold wind of the northern lands. The sound of a chilling breeze fills the air, and ice swirls up the arm of the wielder. When stowed, an icy aura pulses from the dragon mouth, with tiny flakes of snow gently falling around it.


With Frostfang, every step you take imprints the icy might of Jormag on the land. The wielder leaves behind chilling footprints, a cold testament to their journey.

Kill Animations and Sound Effects

Vanquishing foes with Frostfang isn't ordinary. Enemies slain by this axe display unique chilled death animations, reminiscent of the icy grip of Jormag. Each successful melee strike and ranged projectile hit resounds with the sound of crumbling ice, lending an intense aura to every battle.

Skill Effects

Frostfang isn't just an ornamental piece; it's a formidable force that modifies certain skills and leaves icy trails in its wake. Ranged skills, in particular, are enhanced to hurl Frostfang instead of the usual projectile, adding an icy edge to the following skills:

  • Warrior: Throw Axe and Throw Rock (downed skill).
  • Revenant: Essence Sap (downed skill) and Frigid Blitz.
  • Ranger: Path of Scars, Ricochet, Splitblade, Throw Dirt (downed skill), and Winter's Bite.
  • Soulbeast: Any projectile from Soulbeast pet skills, such as Narcotic Spores.
  • Necromancer: Dhuumfire, Dark Path, and Life Blast.
  • Mirage: Phantasmal axes thrown by Imaginary Axes and the Mirrored Axes trait.

Experience the chilling might of the Frostfang, bring the icy wrath of the Shiverpeaks to the battlefield, and etch your legend in the annals of Guild Wars 2.

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