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Garlond GL-II Mount
Merge technology and adventure with the state-of-the-art Garlond GL-II Mount. Crafted by Eorzea's finest engineers, this mount is a marvel that blends speed, style, and the spirit of Final Fantasy XIV. Navigate terrains with unmatched efficiency, showcase your tech prowess, and ride into the future.
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Gwiber (Landerwaffe) Mount
Harness the ancient power of dragons with the Gwiber (Landerwaffe) Mount. With scales that shimmer and a roar that resonates across lands, this mount embodies the core essence of Final Fantasy's legendary drakes. Mount up, spread your wings, and let the world of Eorzea tremble beneath you.
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Morbol Mount
Embrace nature's grotesque beauty with the Morbol Mount. Known for its iconic tentacles and noxious breath, this mount represents both the danger and wonder found in Final Fantasy XIV's vast landscapes. Traverse Eorzea, turn heads with its unique allure, and stand out in every expedition.
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Cerberus Mount
Unleash the underworld's fury with the three-headed guardian, the Cerberus Mount. Symbolizing strength, guardianship, and the unyielding gates of the afterlife, this mount is for those who brave the harshest of battles in Final Fantasy XIV. Tame the beast, let the world hear its roar, and ride with unmatched dominance.
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Sunforged Mount
Illuminate your journey in Eorzea atop the radiant Sunforged Mount. With a shimmer that rivals the sun itself, this mount is a testament to adventurers who shine brightest in the heat of battle. Embrace its golden aura, let every ray inspire awe, and become the beacon of hope in Final Fantasy XIV.
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Lynx Of Imperious Wind Mount
Harness the power of the tempest with the Lynx Of Imperious Wind. Swift as the gale and graceful as the breeze, this mount embodies the freedom and wonder of the vast Eorzean skies. Let the winds of fate guide your adventures and soar with unbridled exhilaration.
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Kirin Mount
Elevate your travels in Eorzea atop the majestic Kirin mount. Revered by many and known for its divine aura, this legendary steed is not just a mode of transport but a symbol of prestige. Secure yours now and ride with an air of elegance only few can match.
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Eureka Orthos
Venture into the forbidden lands of Eureka Orthos, a place where elements dance and challenges abound. For those with a thirst for discovery, untapped power, and the realm's deepest mysteries, Eureka beckons. Step into the unknown, conquer the elements, and emerge as a legend.
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Rathalos Mount
From the ferocious lands of Monster Hunter, the Rathalos mount descends upon Eorzea. Known for its fiery temperament and regal presence, this mount promises to be a fierce companion. Take to the skies with a roar, let the flames trail your path, and reign supreme in airborne majesty.
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Demi-Ozma Mount
Plunge into the astral realm aboard the ethereal Demi-Ozma. Shrouded in mysteries of the universe, this mount is a testament to those who have conquered the most daunting raids in Final Fantasy XIV. Embark on a journey across the stars, and let Demi-Ozma be your cosmic steed.
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Primal Mounts
Unleash the raw power of Eorzea's ancient deities with the Primal Mounts collection. Each mount embodies the essence of the realm's primals, giving riders an unrivaled aura of dominance and reverence. Conquer the landscapes, summon the winds, and let the very elements bow to your presence.
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Kamuy Mount
Ride with the ferocity of the Far East on the mystical Kamuy Mount. This noble beast, inspired by legendary tales, embodies power and the untamed wild of Final Fantasy XIV. Glide through your quests, command respect, and let the Kamuy's spirit guide your every move.
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Firebird Mount
Soar through the skies of Eorzea on the majestic wings of the Firebird. Imbued with fiery elegance, this mount signifies prestige and the burning spirit of a true Final Fantasy XIV champion. Elevate your adventures, leave a trail of flames in your wake, and let the Firebird's ember illuminate your path.
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Omega Raid Mounts
Witness the pinnacle of engineering and magic with the Omega Raid mounts. Synthesized from the remnants of the Omega battles, these mounts are a testament to heroism and innovation. Ride with purpose, let the whispers of epic encounters guide your way, and be a living legacy of Eorzea's bravest moments.
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Sil’dihn Throne Mount
Ascend to regal grandeur atop the majestic Sil’dihn Throne Mount. Signifying power, elegance, and the rich history of Eorzea, this mount is a testament to those who rule their destiny with grace. Glide through realms, exude royal charisma, and let every quest feel like a royal decree.
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