Destiny 2 Boosting Jobs

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Destiny 2 Boosting Jobs

Looking to cash in on all the time you’ve spent playing your favorite videogame? Looking to advance and improve your resume? Look no further, BoostRoom is hiring! If you happen to be within the 1% of those that are extraordinarily good at the Destiny 2 game but also looking to earn a buck or two on the side, you’ve hit the jackpot. Whether you’re focusing more on PvP or PvE, no matter! Destiny 2 Boosting Jobs are here for the taking. If you’ve taken interest in what we’ve said so far, make sure to apply for one of our Destiny 2 Carry (Carries) Jobs! Keep on reading to find out exactly what we’re looking for in a booster! In addition, if you would like to learn more about us and what we do, make sure to click here.

About Us / Destiny 2 Boosting Jobs!

We are a company that has been around for quite a while now, over a decade to be precise! Throughout the past several years we have honed the most experienced players into professionals that, as the time went by, came to show our customers the best ways in overcoming Destiny 2 obstacles! We are a world-renowned boosting company that puts great effort into giving satisfaction equally well to both our customers and our boosters alike. Among all the other games, Destiny 2 takes quite a large piece of the pie. Due to the high demand, we have taken the next step and are recruiting new Destiny 2 boosters. If you would like to apply for a Destiny 2 Carry (Boosting) Job, please make sure to read down below.

Openings / D2 Carry Jobs

Destiny 2 being as vast as it is, has an enormous content that requires an additional manpower. If you happen to be an expert in one of the following Destiny 2 Boosting Jobs, make sure to apply to our advert. The list goes as follows:

Raids & Dungeons

PvP & Gambit

PvE Services

Beyond Light Content Farm / Completion


Additionally, if there is a service that you’re very good at but is not on the list above, make sure to let us know what it is so we can find you a spot in our team! If you find the Destiny 2 Carry Job application interesting, contact us via either our live chat or any other method visible on our website.