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WoW Covenant Change

Covenants have been introduced with the release of Shadowlands. They are a representative group (faction) that the player joins upon introductory campaign. However, not many people know which covenant is the best choice for their class. There are numerous factors that can confuse the player and make him choose the wrong one. This is where we come in handy. We’re offering our customers a chance to buy WoW Covenant Change (Switch) Boost, which allows them to make a fresh decision upon weekly reset. Our booster will log into your account, and do the necessary steps in order to allow you to pick for the second time.

If you happen to have chosen a wrong path in the start — worry not. Contact us and we’ll right that wrong. All you’d need to do is give us your trust and place the order; we’ll do the rest. Furthermore, if you’re in need of WoW help in general; also make sure to check out our other services by clicking here.


WoW Covenant Change Options

Once the weekly restart happens, you get to choose the covenant once again. The choices are as follows:

  • Venthyr
  • The Necrolords
  • Kyrian
  • The Night Fae

These 4 options are each unique in their own respective way. Picking the correct one is mandatory, especially if you’re aiming for the end game content. If you’re struggling, having second thoughts or if you’re also uncertain about which one to pick; contact us immediately via our live chat. Our professional team of support agents will assist you with picking the right one. Furthermore, if you decide to buy our cheap WoW Covenant Switch (Change) Boost that we have for sale; you’ll also get the second chance at picking the correct covenant. And finally, no mistake is permanent, you only need to know who to reach out to. Reach out to BoostRoom, and we’ll see to it that you conquer the game with ease!