About Us

BoostRoom (Who are we?)

BoostRoom is a professional game boosting company based in Europe (Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia).
Currently, it’s being managed by a highly experienced team (ex hardcore players) and its hiring an almost unlimited number of solos, small groups of players, and well-organized big guilds to execute orders.
Everything started as a small idea while we were hardcore World of Warcraft players.
Real-life pressure forced us to make a choice.
Either to reduce our playtime to a minimum cause we need to work for a living or try to make gaming for a living dream a reality.
After months of hard work and boosting we made it, the BoostRoom started to grow.
This is not just a side job for us, this truly is and has been our full-time job for over seven years.
Being a professional gamer is a dream job to many, but we have managed to turn it into a reality through hard work.
“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” – Colin Powell


BoostRoom mission

 – Maintain top quality boosting service for affordable prices.

 – Provide the fastest spots at the boosting market for our clients.

 – Keep a 99% success rate of reviews posted by our customers.


BoostRoom vision

– Upgrade our website for multi-game support to help as many players as possible.

 – Develop a booking (calendar) platform to allow direct reservations of services for our clients.

 – Evolve into a gaming brand and participate in the biggest tournaments at esport scene.